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  • Publish 88.2 Goes Worldwide November 21, 2014 kirthagOriginally posted at by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Nov 19 21:12 -0500 GMT Greetings Everyone, Starting this afternoon, the Japanese shards will get Publish 88 during their normal maintenance cycle. Please remember that this causes problems with character transfers until we have all the shards on the same server version. On behalf of myself, and the UO ...
  • Publish 88 to go Live on Nov. 20 November 16, 2014 kirthagPosted at by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Nov 14 21:43 -0500 GMT Greetings Everyone, We are publishing to TC1 this afternoon. We will be publishing this out to Origin and Izumo on Monday, 17th.  Publish 88 will go World Wide on the 20th.  Please make sure you check out all the new content and give us your feedback. UO ...
  • Publish 87 Live on All Shards October 21, 2014 kirthagOriginally Posted by Bonnie Armstrong to | 2014 Oct 20 19:10 -0400 GMT  Greetings Everyone, We will be publishing all shards starting tomorrow morning, all shards will receive Publish 87 during your normal maintenance cycles, European shards will get this tomorrow afternoon during their normal maintenance cycles.  Since we have been so late this year with ...
  • Game with Stratics for the Kids October 22, 2014 kirthagStratics Staff has once again created a team for the Extra Life charity event on October 25th, 2014 to support the Children’s Miracle Network. Stratics wants to help save kids through ...
  • Documenting Publish 86 – Part 2 October 4, 2014 petraFollowing on from our earlier information on this topic we are now delighted to inform UO players that all pages of our Enhanced Client User Guide have now been updated. This ...
  • Documenting Publish 86 September 28, 2014 petra Documenting this publish is an extensive undertaking, we know you’re anxious to have more information, so we’d like to show you what we’ve done so far. New pages for the publish ...
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Last modified: November 12, 2014

4 Comments to “Latest From Sosaria”

  1. All guides, catalogues and calculators are now functional. Even the searches for items, monsters and maps are functioning. :)
    Thanks everyone for all your patience!

  2. I wanted to know what the name of the newest Trinsic theme is.

  3. I can not find the answer to my question anywhere… I am flustered! I don’t have a lot of time to play the game as I work and enormous amount of hours so my play time in UO is very relaxing, so I think.

    Here is my problem I worked very hard to in Trinsic to obtain a City Banner and I can’t get one as the Captain says: He is backlogged and can’t satisfy my request at this time.

    I want to go to another city but I can’t so here I am wasting my game time again.

    I can’t move forward. This is just not right!

    Please advice.

    • You can only get one city banner every 7-10 days. Lets say you recieved a banner in Skara Brea first, then went to Trinsic to get one there. Once the ingame timer resets you can get it. I hope this helped.
      Good luck,