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Last visited by Ludes in May of 2014

Facet: Felucca
Location: SW of Minoc, North of Bloody Plains
Coordinates: 88o22’N 61o1’E
Guildmaster: Lace



I recently had the opportunity to revisit this ancient pillar of the feluccan community. Alot has changed over the years, but the town still stands. Some of the more familiar buildings appear to have been redesigned and some have fallen, but still quite a few remain.

I found a wonderful rune library. Each floor devoted to certain facets. On the bottom floor, Felucca. On the second floor, runes to the Trammel lands. Malas and Tokuno runes can be found on the third floor. A very nice asset to the Catskills Felucca community.

Out near the shore stood a lighthouse, drawing me closer with curiousity. Inside I found a huge selection of mining runebooks and a formidable looking cannon that helped guard the town against invasion by sea.

The once large shop, stands vacant. However, it still stands which means there might be a small chance at them rekindling its once outstanding sales of goods and supplies. Scattered around the town are other smaller themed buildings that might have at one time contained smaller merchant shops.

I did find one last interesting building, but unfortunately it was private. Perhaps someday they’ll open it to the public and we will get a chance to view the interior of such an interesting named home. *grins*


Past History of Bearpoint:

Bearpoint was a guild-run merchant town. It is located west of Minoc and was one of the largest and longest running player run towns in Felucca. It once consisted of twenty buildings, eight are dedicated shops spread along the coast of Bearpoint Bay. The “goal” realized by three enduring years of hard work, was that this town would be of neutral status.

Once plagued by a group of PK’s, Lace and Tron almost gave up, but to their amazement they were joined by their customers to fight off this bunch of marauders. The guild of Theives AOP gave them their protection and most recenty Chaos Conjuorors has rid them of a new rogue.

Now Factions shop side by side and reds are not attacked nor do they attack. Many times customers, red and blue, have stood side by side to fight to keep Bearpoint neutral and drive away new barbarians that would destroy the ambiance of this unique village.

Lace provided a giveaway of one hundred thousand gold pieces to every ten thousandth customer. Lace always lended a helping hand and has always been there to help the needy. Upon arriving at the Trading post there was nothing that a visitor could not find at a fair price. Their merchants were the best in the land and Bearpoint is always willing to welcome more.


Update May 2014

I went to visit Bearpoint in early May.

It seems much diminished, consisting of only three buildings..  A bowyer,  what looks like it used to be a tavern,  and

the market house.  I visited several times looking for activity but saw none.

Ludes, Catskills Reporter

.BearPoint 1c

Last modified: May 27, 2014

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