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PaxOku Downtown Market
(Vendor Location)

PaxOku Downtown Market


Proprietor: Gareth  

Owner On Sign: Gareth
94o 50’N 66o 22’W

Visited By: Terence Duff
Visited On: June 19, 2006

Map to Location:


June 19th, 2006
Visited by Terence Duff

PaxOku is on the cutting edge of commerce as of this reviewing; the PaxOku Downtown Market is a vendor location designed with the intent of creating competitive pricing on crafting resources (and Competition = Lower Prices)!

I visited the PaxOku Downtown Market on Tuesday June 13th by hopping through a gate to the locale at Luna Bank.

Market Square

The market square (main outside area) features three types of resource vendors with all varieties, as of this writing: lumber, metal and leather all with lower unit prices than found in major trade areas such as Luna.

I spoke to Gareth, proprietor of the market while I was reviewing this establishment, and he informed me of this pricing example:

“Luna sells 200 frostwood boards for 50k, we sell 200 frostwood boards for 25k.”

How are they able to do it? How do they keep their prices low when Luna sellers charge whatever they’d like? Simple, Gareth tells me: Luna’s major sellers have vendors here too.


If you mine, lumberjack or skin cows for a living, Gareth tells me that he wants to hear from you about selling at the Downtown Market! Sellers at the Market will likely be selling a high volume of goods daily, so people who can keep their vendors stocked are needed.

The commerce portion of the PaxOku Market also includes a “Resource Council”. One person from each of the 3 main selling areas is elected as a council member. The council meets every so often to set prices in order to remain competitive with the rest of the Chesapeake economy.

If you feel you can contribute a vendor with resources, leave a message with contact information for Gareth on the bulletin board at the Downtown Market.

Enhance & Repair Nights

The Downtown Market has Repair & Enhance nights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 6pm [eastern] until 8pm. Bring some items to be enhanced or if you need free repairs there are crafters of every type on hand. From the official event description on the Chesapeake Events Calendar:

We have on staff: Tailors, Bowyers, Smiths etc. We will do live repairs, enhancements and Crafting. It is run like the Old Brit smiths shop. We also have all the resources on sale in the downtown crafters hall.


If you’re building a crafter, decorating a house, enhancing items, crafting weapons or need resources for any other reason, stop by the PaxOku Downtown Crafters Market and pick up a commodity deed to exactly what you need. The Downtown Market as of this writing is one hot and popular place with a unique business strategy on the Chesapeake shard, so if you’re in the Tokuno neighborhood stop in and take a look.

Thanks to Gareth and the citizens of PaxOku for helping to provide information for this review.


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