Skeleton Key Shipping Company



*Knowledge characters would know*
The Skeleton Key Shipping Company is a shipping company who transports goods across sea and land, and any other way we can profit from it. Profit runs the Company. We are neutral in most things, and we stay clear of open conflict until the conflict tries to stop us from doing our job We are not evil. The Skeleton Key Shipping Company is made up of those who wish to thrive in Britannia.We may be ruthless, underhanded, cutthroat, and profit mongers, but inherently evil…we are not.The Skeleton Key Shipping Company is known as a business. Those who hire into the Company are required to conduct themselves accordingly knowing the “language” and “the code”. It is rumored that the Skeleton Key Shipping Company themselves have ties to Privateers and Pirates and smuggling, but it seems the 

proof always seems to disappear before those with power to enforce the laws arrive. The Skeleton Key Shipping Company is publicly run by Grace O’Malley and some question the goals and plans of the Skeleton Key Shipping Company.

*Knowledge characters would NOT normally know.* The Skeleton Key Shipping Company is a front. It is a profitable business, and is run like a shipping company, but it is merely a front. At times we may actually follow through with delivery of shipments but should a shipment deem to be extremely profitable its’ arrival at its’ destination most likely will be in jeopardy.

We are a collection of realm misfits and unite for one reason and one reason alone, to profit from the loss of others by whatever means necessary.


Guild Charter:
Terra Mariq Potens (Invincible on Land and Sea)

Our shipping and trading Company transports goods across land and sea for profit. We hire the best men and women to handle our shipments and to complete various jobs. The Skeleton Key Shipping Company is located at the ******** ****, **** ** ****.


Small crate – 1000 gold pieces per crate
Medium crate – 1500 gold pieces per crate
Large crate – 2000 gold pieces per crate

By Sea – 50,000 gold pieces per ship includes crew

By Land – 100,000 gold pieces includes charge for 4 pack animals. Additional pack animals,additional gold pieces.

All shipping contracts are to be paid in full prior to departure. Any loss is yours, not ours.
Any retribution regarding a loss will be our privilege, not yours. Any costs incurred by the Company during retribution will be the responsibility of the Shipper not the Company

and are to be paid promptly and in full. Failure to compensate the Company for any charges or losses incurred will be tended to promptly and severely.

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