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GOR Rune Library

Last visited by Assia Penryn in February 2006

Facet: Felucca
Location: E of Vesper,S of Trapper’s Huts
Coordinates: 85o 26’N 148o 17’E
Owner: Remy [GOR]



Owned by a bunch of pirates, this classic tower can be found along the coastline almost directly east of Vesper. It contains an extensive listing of runes, including many runes to rarer locations such as on top of an ice pillar and within the Trinsic wall.

As I approach the entrance the pirate flags flap proudly overhead. On the steps, there lays a skeleton of some poor soul who tried to open a crate in his greedy attempt to part these pirates with any hidden treasure… not a very wise move.

On the bottom floor lies a small bar with several different drinks available to the patrons, including the popular “Admiral’s Rum.” Some of the pirates plunder sparkles in the corner as well as many goodies from shipwrecks and models of special boats. A few scattered runebooks lie near the bar for those looking for goods and services.

On the second floor we find the majority of this magnificant library. In the small room just past the stairs lays what appears to be a small study with several interesting runebooks, including a lockpicking set.

On the floor of this room, I spied a book whose title stood out from the rest. It was the “Feluccan Maritime Laws” written by the dread pirate Salt Foambreaker himself. Many pirates to this day still enforce these laws upon the rough seas of Felucca.

As I enter the large room next to the study, there is stacks upon stacks of exceptionally crafted runebooks. This impressive collection contains cities, hunting, treasure chest locations and much much more. Hidden among the stacks are books of “stuck” locations. Many of these runes still work and can take you to fascinating roof tops and hard to reach spots around Britannia.

Definitely a library worth visiting! My time spent there was uninterupted by any bandits or murderers and I felt quite safe within the thick stone walls of the GOR Tower.


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