Sotheby’s of Sonoma – Trammel – Sonoma

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Sotheby’s of Sonoma – Trammel – Sonoma

Last visited by Anev – March 20 03Name: Sotheby’s of Sonoma – Trammel – Sonoma
Guild: None
Contact: Myrddin
Staff members: Honesty
Location: 92o 17′ N – 19o 24′ E
North of the Chaos Shrine. 



History: Myrddin and Drizzt founded Sotheby’s of Sonoma in 2003. Sotheby’s is an ingame auction house, our goal is to provide all members of the Sonoma community with a safe, enjoyable way to auction their rare and collectible items to the highest bidder. Plenty of experience, design time and advertising go into making each event a resounding success. Community members from all walks of life are encouraged to attend the event and have fun bidding on the goodies; we ask only that everyone respects the rights of others to have a good time at Sotheby’s.

Scores of serious buyers will come, with checks practically in hand, to bid on the top quality items auctioned at Sotheby’s. Sellers get a safe, secure way to convert their valuables to gold pieces in a short time, and buyers get a fun event and a chance to maybe get a good deal or an especially rare artifact. The Sotheby’s formula has been tried, tested and proven successful for over two years by the good folks at Impy’s Arctic Faire on the Great Lakes shard. Sonomans who also play Great Lakes may already be familiar with the extremely successful and well-run Impy’s organization. Like Impy’s, Sotheby’s number one purpose is to give back to the community.To find out more about Sotheby’s vist their website at : Sotheby’s of Sonoma

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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