CSD- Township Recognition Guidelines and Procedures


Deposit a book in the Hall of Commons mailbox. A survey of your township will then be conducted at random to determine activity level and overall township cohesion, you will be designated according to the following rubric based on the number of structures:

Remember, if we can’t tell it’s a part of your town, we aren’t going to count it!

1-4 Settlement
5-10 Village/Hamlet
11-20 Town
21-30 City
31-50 Kingdom

You may also contact EM Dudley at [email protected] for a banner design packet. This will include all the information necessary in order to design your banner in the appropriate way so it can built in a timely fashion. Please note that the final design and placement are at the sole discretion of the builder, and that banners should conform to a suggested 7×7 footprint that does not block house placement or other natural passes.

Once your banner is constructed you may petition for inclusion within the Teleportation Hub. A minimum of three sitting townships must approve the petition. Objections will be considered on basis of merit.

Once your banner is constructed, and you are included in the Hub, beware! Being recognized by the Crown opens your township to possible attack by monsters who may wish to do you harm!

Also note that inactivity without informing the Chesapeake Event Moderators will subject your banner for review and possible demolition.

And that’s it! If you have any questions about the process or what to do, please e-mail [email protected]

Last modified: October 9, 2011

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