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Faces of Felucca: Wafflez

By Erickson Yates


Jingle, Jangle, Jumble, Jump! Two interviews from Erickson in one day? Chaos! The world is ending, folks. This one is with my mortal enemy Wafflez. Wafflez owns me whenever I happen to step out in Yew Gate when he is around. Good time tossing him a few questions. Hope you all enjoy it, and I will see you later!

Erickson Yates: First question I always ask people…

What guild tag are you sporting these days?

Wafflez: I have and always will be a CoW* member. They were the first guild I joined when I came to atlantic and although there are rough times, this guild always seems to prevail.

Erickson Yates: Why COW* might I ask? I have seen you out there PvP’ing. With a better connection, I am pretty sure you could be damn good. No other guilds knock at your door and ask you to sign up?

Wafflez: Not too brag but if I had a connection like half of these peeps, I can roll with the big dogs. Although I switched from DSL to Cable I still have chronic lag spikes due to faulty wires inside my house. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon. I get other guilds knocking on my door from time to time. I get invited from guilds such as LNR, N2d, 20X (ironically), but I always seem to be at home with the barnyard animals.

Erickson Yates: Why the sudden increase in numbers for COW*? It went from being a guild where there were maybe three regulars, to now there being a good ten or so people that I see on a regular basis.

Wafflez: The sudden increase in CoW* was due to the fact that Gemmineye and myself realized we much do something in order to get this guild back up and running. This meant recruiting people that we knew and trusted, getting more organized, and showing the initiative that we wanted to rule Atlantic once again!

Erickson Yates: Even with a shoddy connection, do you take part in duels for gold? Wafflez: Although I have a horrid connection, sometimes I duel for gold if I am not lagging that bad. I have won some, and lost some all in good fun. Erickson Yates: Favorite thing about Yew Gate fighting?

Wafflez: My favorite thing about Yew gate fighting is the organization that my guild displays including everything from cross-healing and quick ressing and paralyzing Nike when he dare shows.

Erickson Yates: Least favorite thing about Yew Gate fighting?

Wafflez: My least favorite thing about Yew gate fighting without a doubt would have to be the dismount archers who ONLY dismount you when you are in guard zone and he is sure he/she will have 3+ people attack you when dismounted. Until then they just hide like little fairies.

Erickson Yates: Best PvP’er you have seen that still plays UO today?

Wafflez: Best Pvper that I’ve seen today would probably be Paith the Elf.

Erickson Yates: Biggest joke? (Not counting me!)

Wafflez: Biggest joke would be Nike because he believes hiding 90% of the time and the occasional res kill is pvp.

Erickson Yates: Yew Gate, Spawning, or Dueling. Which is your favorite method of PvP?

Wafflez: My favorite method of PvP would be spawning. It brings great battles that last for a while and helps bring your guild together. Cooperation and organization is a must and with a leader such as Gemmineye, all this becomes possible. Despise is always fun because multiple templates must be used in order to give your guild the best advantage.

Erickson Yates: Anything else you want to add?

Wafflez: Although we have been hibernating for quite some time, all be aware. Atlantic is now the home of the Barnyard Animals. MOOOOOOO!!!!!


Last modified: August 18, 2011

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