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Last visited by Verity, Apr 17, 99

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my original home once again in the land of Lake Superior. In the area where I used to hunt as a young player (aka Newbie) there was a village of elves. Not interest in having long conversations at the time, I would repeatedly thank them for their aid and be on my way. It did seem that every time I was in trouble in the area, there they would be, ready to offer a hand.

This trip was no different. As I approached the area where their village lies, a large band of orcs appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and set upon me as if I had something they wanted. Of course, I ran. I’m not the hunter I was back then. I didn’t run far though, when a large band of elves appeared out of the trees and utterly destroyed the band of orcs who would have made dinner of me.

From the efficiency of the band, I would have expected a group of hardened warriors to greet me once I stepped inside as well. Their company is some of the best I’ve seen around. Many a tale to they have to share, and they delight in hearing tales offered so much that they have a monthly contest for weaving the tales.

I’ve also been back twice and found groups of new friends there on both occasions. ‘Tis truly a magnificent village and tavern.

A message from Thrand (Jul 6, 99):

The village that contains the Silver Arrow tavern on Lake Superior has finally been named (we never thought we’d need a name, honestly). Tel’Mithrim is elven for the Grey Company, and refers to the primary guild of elves that lives in the village. The village is now named “tel’Ruid”, which stands for “the Glade”.

Grey Company/Tel’Mithrim Web site:


















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