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The Falconer’s Inn on Chesapeake

Screen Shot of OverHead Map of Establishment's Location. Last visited by Fawne Goldynhart
October 13, 2004
Coordinates: 124o37n 280 38e, Malas
Like a pheonix from the ashes, the Falconer’s Inn rose again after being destroyed in the attack on the realm led by Minax and Jou’nar. Exedore, the proprietor had come up missing and was assumed dead. After many years, Exedore resurfaced mysteriously, and, to the joy of many old timers, relocated and rebuilt the well known inn. It is still a mystery as to where Exedore was all this time or how he managed to survive the grievous injuries he had sustained. 

The Falconer’s Inn originally stood in the northern forests of Yew, Felucca (see below for historical information), and now stands in the outskirts of Luna just east of the Paladin City proper.

As ones walks over the threshold of the of the Inn, they are greeted by friendly vendors with many wonderful items of interest. Foliage decorates the sidelines of the walkway making it seem open and airy.


The second floor boasts the Inn’s tavern, well stocked with ales and wines from around the realm. A feast can be had at the viking size table settled comfortably in front of a roaring fire.


The third floor houses the library, sleeping quarters and the inn’s vault. Runebooks to every corner of the realm can be found here.


The top floor holds the inn’s garden, complete with fountain and miniature houses. Of one looks closely, they will see a miniature of the Falconer’s inn.


The staff, consisting of Magnus Thunderstone, Legendary Smith and aspiring legendary tailor, Maxwel Dragon, the Inn’s reknowned alchemist and scribe, Darlene the inkeeper and Brooke the Inn’s talented chef, make up a group of friendly, upbeat and acommodating people. The Falconer’s Inn, as in the days of olde, is still a place to call home away from home.


The below information is being kept for historical purposes:

Last Visited by Narga Saiyen – January 20th, 2000

Coordinates:142°N 93°WBeing the heavy shopper I am, I was recalling around Britannia looking for some new armor and some other misc things. Knowing exactly where to go for a great price and friendly service, I grabbed my rune to the Falconer’s Inn and just as I arrived, I was greeted by numerous people, asking if I wanted a drink or something to eat. I was surprised but nevertheless, took the offering and sat down on one of the barstools to relax. Sam, the official cook of the Inn, was seen running about greeting people left and right and asking everyone what they wished to eat. Exedore of Arden happened to appear next to me and we greeted each other. He introduced me to everyone there and with the kindless he is known for, ordered around round for everyone … poor Sam. :) 

The Falconer’s Inn is located within the town of Dragon’s Bay, which can be found north of the Empath Abbey in Yew just north of the Duir Traven and the Yew moongate. The town of Dragon’s Bay is home to the Black Dragon Clan, which is a ‘unofficial companion’ guild that helps all around their town with whatever they need.

Exedore of Arden, the owner and founder of the Falconer’s Inn or someone else can usually be found at almost anytime at the Inn to help customers, but the “Heroes, Bards, and Tales of Lore Night” are on Monday and Wednesday at 7-9 PM EST.

Falconer’s Inn has been around for quite some time and has almost reached the 50,000th meter … possibly the most on the shard. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING can be found here but it’s not just about the vendors … it’s also about the people that are here. Some of the nicest, most respectful people can usually be found here to help anyone out with what they need. Even Sam the cook doesn’t seem to mind. :)

Their Web Site: http://www.blackdragonclan.com/falconers_inn/falconers_inn.shtmll

Screen Shot of the Establishment.

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  1. I miss the Inn and the days of holding bake sales. If EXE ever reads this, it would be great to hear from you: [email protected]


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