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Township of Solace – Trammel – Sonoma

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos –   May 18 01Name: Township of Solace – Trammel – Sonoma
Guild: KSS
Guild Master: Hawke
Location: 111o 5′ N – 36o 29′ E
Just to the west of Dungeon Wrong and UOSS HQ. 



History: The Castle is created when Trammel is allowed housing and it is placed by Lady Winny, First Knight of the Knights of the Silver Serpent. What started out as our guild headquarters later formed the birthplace of the Township of Solace. The castle now served as the Town Hall of the township of Solace and we provide the following facilities:

1) Blacksmith Shop
2) Tailoring Facility
3) Training Dummy Facility
4) Kitchen
5) Dinning Hall
6) Games Room
7) Magery Room
8) Private Discussion Area

However, the town is not run by a single entity. Rather any decision is made by a body of townsfolk. The town is always open and all are welcomed. As the towners are from various time zones, there is no single most active period. The town hall folks are most active during 11pm – 2am (GMT + 8). Part of a Role Playing Community: KSS is one of the founding guilds of the Sonoma Alliance. Rules: The town serves as a haven to all who wants to find a home to take root.
We encourage all town buildings to provide a service of some kind and have vendors supply goods.
Each towner is responsible for its own immediate area – (e.g. take care of trash and monsters)
All participating buildings only need to fulfill a simply requirement:
Private housing, add the word Solace next to their house name.
Public housing, use the house sign that has a blue cross on the red canvas.

Web site for Township of Solace: Township of Solace – KSS Guild Website

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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