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Shard Facet Co-ordinates House Name Build Date Owner
Catskills Felucca Withheld 200 1998-11-21 Vengence
Catskills Felucca withheld Sew What! 1998-11-19 Fletcher
Catskills Felucca 47º54S 33º15E DarkWater Coastal Getaway 1998-02-23 Lykor
Catskills Felucca 43º25S 103º46E Drake’s House 1999-05-12 Aloysius
Catskills Felucca 44º28S 105º36E Zuck’s Inn of Buc’s Den 2000-02-01 Rain
Catskills Felucca 129º18N 82º49E Nah – This is Still Tak’s House of Worship unrecorded Big Papa
Catskills Felucca 86º51N 26º5E Notty’s Inn and Supply 1998-02-21 Nottyboy GOD
Catskills Trammel 32º19N 66º22E Nabou Tower 2000-07-17 Nabou
Catskills Trammel 80º35S 35º43E Castle Olymps [PGoH] 2000-07-16 Borg
Catskills Trammel 72º35S 33º36E Olympus Vault and Skyne Castle [Olympus] 2000-07-16 Katherine
Catskills Trammel 96º15N 172º25W Graine’s Rockfleet 2000-07-16 Eponine
Catskills Trammel 34º44N 92º27E Chipolte Quinn’s Stars on the Water 2000-07-17 Chipolte Quinn
Catskills Felucca 54º29S 34º22W Kinship Drop Inn unrecorded Emer MacNessa
Catskills Felucca 55º01S 29.27W Kinship Sewing Shoppe 1998-08-17 Cymry DeDanu
Catskills Felucca 54º34S 28º58W Kinship Fishing Emporium 1999-05-20 Fann O’Neill
 Catskills Felucca  140º26S 136º12W  Desire on Fire Island  199-06-30  Marie DuPont
 Catskills  Felucca  98º36S 159º53E  Barataria Bay  1999-01-25  Graine NiMhaille
Catskills Felucca 72º26N 40º13E Terry’s Corner 1999-01-15 Terry Clark
Catskills Felucca 72º26N 39º39E Stable 1999-01-04 Tommy Turbo
Catskills Felucca 81º24N 42º2W MNE Mini Fort 1999-04-04 Chevy Chase
Catskills Felucca 93º15N 62º51E This is a grandfathered house 2001-02-24 An Elf
Catskills Felucca 23º33 9º16E The Coast Inn-Vacancy Fully Furnished Marble Workshop -See Inn Keepe 2001-03-04 Selina Kyle
Catskills Trammel 90º10S 11º10W The Dragon’s Lair 2001-09-14 Black Sun
Catskills Felucca 61º16N 56º6E The Outrider Inn Unrecorded Randwulf
Catskills Felucca 61º53N 54º42E Guest House 1999-02-28 Rip Torn
Catskills Felucca 63º2N 56º23E Ye Olde Guard Tower 2000-04-06 Everett
Catskills Felucca 69º42N 51º53E Blackies Happy Home 2000-03-31 Blackie Onassis
Catskills Felucca 70º25N 50º58E Robinis Crossroad Vendors 1999-10-22 Robin
Catskills Trammel 84º22N 121º21E Warstein Castle 2002-08-09 Nails Warstein
Catskills Felucca 169º27S 20º02E Dayton’s 1998-12-22 ORION-II
Catskills Felucca 178º09S 138º22W Fire’s Hollow 1999-09-12 Jaguar Dayton
Catskills Felucca 161º32S 121º38W Fire’s Hollow 1998-07-26 Abu-Ra
Catskills Felucca 164º05S 120º01W Fire’s Hollow 1999-04-18 Nub-Nub
Catskills Felucca 164º16S 118º53W Fire’s Hollow 1999-08-01 Haywood Jablomi
Catskills Felucca 165º56S 119º23W Fire’s Hollow 2000-01-17 In Vas Mani
Catskills Felucca 178º09S 138º22W Fire’s Hollow 2000-01-18  Jaguar
 Catskills  Felucca  162º14S 120º09W  Fire’s Hollow  2000-01-17  Michael
 Catskills  Felucca  31º22S 0º37W  Dayton’s Place  1998-10-25  Dayton
 Catskills  Felucca  89º55N 162º5W  Vampire Lounge  2001-01-25  Vampiress
Catskills Felucca 140º26S 136º12W not given 1999-06-30 withheld
Catskills Trammel 135º5S 137º28W Not given 2000-07-17 withheld
Catskills Trammel 134º17S 131º13W not given 2000-07-17 withheld
Catskills Felucca 98º36S 159º53E not given 1999-01-25 withheld
Catskills Trammel 123º34N 14º24E SAS Tower 2000-07-23 Seinentai
Catskills Trammel 60º22’S   23º16’W Drakfels Manor 2003-02-16 Karina
Chesapeake Trammel 66º1N 9º59E Mountain Retreat 2001-08-17 Dirtmonger
Chesapeake Felucca 102º24N 29º52E Cheapeake Historical Preservation Society unrecorded The Triplet
Chesapeake Trammel 95º58N 36º25W Bungalo 2001-08-25 Beldin
Chesapeake Felucca 170º3N 117º17W Hells Kitchen N.Y.C. 2000-07-20 redstorm
Chesapeake Felucca 58º16S 57º52E Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory unrecorded Victoria Del Rio
Chesapeake Felucca 120º51N 3º26E Anonymous Tower 1998-02-14 Drizzt
Chesapeake Trammel 82º15S 5º33E The Lonely Roscoe 2000-07-20 Amek Kearik
Chesapeake Trammel 38º30N 37º41W Roscoe Mart 2000-07-23 Remington N’Zoul
Chesapeake Trammel 23º17S 14º37E The Society Of Beggars Balloon Landing Pad,Lighthouse & Inn 23o 17’S, 14o 37’E 2000-07-20 Marble
Chesapeake Felucca 164º47S 9º42W The Society Of Beggars Bridal Suite 164o 47’S, 9o 42’W Northern Isle Jhelom 1999-02-15 Clyde
Chesapeake Felucca 23º33S 9º25E The Society Of Beggars – Guild House – 23o 33’S, 9o 25’E – The Coast 1999-12-20 WhoAmI
Chesapeake Felucca 434º35S 35º9W Bilbo’s Keep VI 2000-08-22 Idahoan
Chesapeake Felucca 45º21S 41º12E Britannia Isles Retreat 2001-10-23 Silverleaf
Chesapeake Felucca 75º30N 21º30E Paxlair Vault & Alchemy Shoppe 1999-07-26 Winwood
Chesapeakec Felucca 76º55N 21º56E Und’r Konztrukshun 1998-04-24 Ga’kuct
Chesapeake Felucca 76º39N 29º57E Paxlair Survival Shop 1998-03-02 Marut Forsetti
Chesapeake Felucca 78º24N 27º25E Ye Olde Pax Wood Shope Eli
Chesapeake Felucca 74º27N 25º44E Uruik Peepir Tower 1998-06-23 Nastasia
 Chesapeake  Felucca  138º57S 47º36E  Dayton’s  1999-10-19  George
Chesapeake Felucca 136º4N 128º52E Dragon’s Watch City Hall/Office of Transportation 2001-05-23 Uzell
Chesapeake Felucca 76º49N 26º9E PaxLair Mage Tower 1998 No Date Winfield
Chesapeake Felucca 76º34N 24 º19E PaxLair Chaos Tower 1999-06-27 Archaenus Bactum
Chesapeake Felucca 80º10N 22º30E PaxLair Stable House 1999 Dutchess Vanhorn
Chesapeake Felucca 80º15N 21º14E Ladies of the Lair (IGM ruin) 1998 none
Chesapeake Felucca 72º47N 46º20E Guildhall of the Sillyhood 1997-11-07 Memnock
Chesapeake Felucca 77º0 72º33W Randor’s House of Fun and Shiny Things NONE Harmort
Chesapeake Felucca 77º37N 73º53W Thelorn Memorial Punching Bag NONE Winmere
Chesapeake Felucca 78º30N 77º20W Hermitt’s Point NONE Winmere
Chesapeake Felucca 60º33S 22º13W Sleeping Skeletons 1998-05-03 Winmere
Chesapeake Trammel 86º35N 167º8W Castle Earl 2000-07-14
Chesapeake Felucca 83º9N 31º59E Urk Hut Braden Mason
Chesapeake Felucca 68º17S 35º30W Ocean View 1999-05-30 Willy
Chesapeake Felucca 24º57N 77º3W Fishing Hut 1998-05-01 Hugo
Chesapeake Trammel 124º11S 9º33E Family Vendor House – General Supplies 2001-02-04 Ariye
Chesapeake Trammel 66º42S 29º23W End of the Road 2000-07-20 Glenfiddich
 Chesapeake  Felucca  57º18S 26º0W  A Place to Lay My Head  1998-03-28  Kim
Chesapeake  Felucca 140o 42’s  –  46o 15’e  Dayton’s Place  2002-06-19  Dayton
 Chesapeake  Trammel  83o 19’N 121o17’E  Lost Castle  2002-08-03  Lestat

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