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Dalriada and Wyrm’s One Good Eye Tavern on Atlantic

Screen Shot of OverHead Map of Establishment's Location. Last visited by GreyPawn – March 12th, 2000I visited the Wyrm’s One Good Eye on a jaunt about the realm to freshen up my geographic savvy and to socialize with the local inhabitants here in Dalriada. After the long trek to the Rune Library to locate a rune, I found myself a might winded, so I thought a refreshing pitcher, or two, of milk would be most gratifying in the tropical heat of Dalriada. Around about the Tavern I found the warriors of TK sparring and jousting, seeking to hone their skills in battle and combat, such as TK is known for. The few gristled people I encountered were rather kind and welcoming to me, and the overall feeling of the island is that of benevolence.

The tavern itself is located on the western shore of the island of Dalriada, which can be found east of Arx Draconis. One can travel there by boat from Trinsic or Britain, or via recall rune as I myself did.
Hours of operation of the Wyrm’s One Good Eye Pub are around about 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. [EST] and is staffed by the local members of “The Kingdom” (TK). Hours of operation are loose, although, most inclined towards level of activity there.
At the Wyrm’s One Good Eye Pub, one can find merriment and fraternization with a heaping tankard of ale and a side dish of venison to boot. I highly recommended visiting this island, and interacting with its peoples, as often times they can be most entertaining.
Screen Shot of the Establishment.  Additional Screen Shots can be added.
On my visit to the island of Dalriada, I had to stop in to see the reknowned stablery, as the Kingdom that inhabits the island is most proud of it, and its patrons. My old horse Buchephalas found great comfort here at the stables while I took the tour of the island. I found them to be most adequate for prince and pauper alike. The simplicity strikes one with the all the coziness of necessity. Barrels of water and hay strewn about make for a most enjoyable stay for a horse, or, perhaps even a dragon. (if your dragon happens to eat hay, that is.)

The stables are located on the isle of Dalriada, east of Temple Isle, otherwise known as Arx Draconis. You can get there by boat from mainland Britain or Trinsic, or, hop a rune from any respectable rune library in the realm.
The Stables are always open, and manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the never resting stablemaster who stands out front to take and care for your steed.

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