Rainbow Complex for New Players – Malas – Sonoma

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Rainbow Complex for New Players – Malas – Sonoma

Last visited by JaydeSilverhart on January 6, 2006
Name: Rainbox Complex for New Players in Malas – Sonoma
Proprietor: LoveSpirit
Guild: Sonoma Angels of Light [SAL]
Location: 69o 42’N 44o 47’E

Welcome to the first Sonoma Establishment of our 2006 class. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Rainbow Inn and its surrounding facilities, run by the estimable LoveSpirit and her husband Elowan of Wind. The Rainbow Inn was founded two years ago, and throughout time the surrounding annexes have sprung up to support the Inn’s noble mission of easing the journeys of new citizens of Sonoma.

The Rainbow Inn is primarily a housing facility for new players. The rigors of staying in a town inn are many, and quickly wear on the young Sonoman trying to make his way living out of a bank box. The Rainbow Inn provides each young citizen who asks with a bedroom, complete with secure containers for the safekeeping of their worldly goods. Additionally, a book is provided in which the tenant can ask questions of the hosts and any other passers-by who might be able to assist in the new Sonoman’s adventures.

Fortunately for those entering the world of Sonoma, the inn is never too full to turn anyone away.

Additional services at the Inn include an equipment exchange system, numerous runes and books to help orient new players to the world of Britannia, and fully stocked and operational crafting rooms.

Adjacent to the Inn on its east side lies the Rainbow Library, a building devoted to the education of young Britannians. The library contains – you guessed it – tons of books, on topics ranging from proper pet care to gardening to virtuous living. Works of fiction are also sprinkled throughout. You can even read some early writings by yours truly there!

In addition to the books (and runes strewn throughout to various helpful locations), the library offers two full-sized classrooms on the upper floors and separate desks for quiet reading.

Immediately to the south of the Inn lies the Rainbow Training Center, the first floor of which serves the dual duty of stabling pets during their owners’ stay at the complex and providing an area to train the peacemaking and provocation of animals.

The second floor of the Training Facility houses a dining hall in which games are played, refreshments flow and events are held. The roof, however, serves a much more serious intent – the training and practicing of young Sonomans interested in learning the art of the honorable duel. Bleachers line the pit for onlookers, and those wishing to spar here are assured of fair treatment during and after the match. An abbatoir is also on hand for young arcanists wishing to create arcane focus gems for themselves.

East of the Training Center lies the Rainbow Headquarters, a classic large marble structure. The Headquarters serves as the base of operations for the Rainbow Complex’s proprietors and as a staging point for the Sonoma Angels of Light [SAL], LoveSpirit’s guild.

The final hearth in the Rainbow quintet is the Rainbow Retreat, a small but cozy nook nestled to the north of the library and east of the Inn. The Retreat is a bungalow designed for the temporary housing of one individual at a time, and is reserved for established Britannians who are visiting Sonoma from one of the other shards of the Gem of Immortality. The Retreat features a cozy bedroom, a sitting area, and a quiet balcony for reflection. As I completed my lengthy tour of the Rainbow Complex, I found myself quite at home on the Retreat’s balcony, as I pulled out my quill to pen this article for you.

To get to the Complex on foot, start by exiting Luna via its East Gate. Continue eastward until you encounter the cave guarded by the blind paladin Horus. From there, move southeasterly (watch for the deadly crystal elementals; you may wish to avoid the dense forest if possible) until you reach the shores of the Abyss. Follow the southern shore southeast and you will eventually wind up on a peninsula on which the Complex is located. A sextant can be a great guide for you. Additionally, LoveSpirit is quite often found near the bank in Haven, and is always willing to provide a moongate for those wishing to visit her center.

The entire center runs on the honor system. Tenants and visitors are encouraged to take what they need and leave what others might need more.

LoveSpirit and Elowan wish to thank all those who have donated time, gold, and equipment to their cause, without which they say their works for the benefit of young Sonomans would not be possible.

For more information about the Rainbow Complex, contact LoveSpirit in any of the following manners:

AIM: LoveSpirit
ICQ: 324 991 870
Email: [email protected]

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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