Hearthfire Village

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The Village of Hearthfire Haven

Location: The Crumbling Continent, Malas.
Organizations: The Order of the Thorn.

Hearthfire Haven is a small village set amongst the ruin of Latinum, now called the Crumbling Continent.

Its people, the Pride of Hearthfire, are an eclectic mix of Britannian expatriates, supernaturals, and others typically unwelcome in other, more civilized settings.

Ruled by the mysterious Cleopatra, Hearthfire has become synonymous with political intrigue and underground dealings, being seated upon the major axis connecting Luna to the Southern Continent. House Lagudae is also known to have extensive political and trading contacts throughout Britannia, Magincia, and Northern Felucca.










Hearthfire Grand Opening, November 30th 2010.


Confrontation between the Britannian High Council and the Magincians.














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