GSS Holy Tavern and Mall on Lake Superior

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GSS Holy Tavern and Mall on Lake Superior

Last visited by Beans Baxter on January 24, 2000

Serving Lake Superians for at least one year, the GSS Holy Tavern and Mall is a must see for anyone wishing to find anything in this well stocked one-shop haven. Aside from the well-stocked vendors, GSS is located well within the safety of the Britain justice region within the confines of the farmlands.


It is here that one can find anything and everything they need, be it a well-crafted Yew table, GM crafted armors and weapons, a pentagram… you name it, GSS has it.

The second floor of GSS sports, in addition to many vendors, a peaceful Tavern with fine sweet ale from around the Realm.

Miners in the area are also thankful for its proximity to the popular mountains surrounding Britain. It is here that one can find a safe haven to smelt and craft their wares.

Gor, the owner of the keep, is one of the finer citizens of the Realm, always greeting customers with a smile.

GSS is also home to quite a number of popular “give-aways,” holding and hosting some of the largest in the world.

If you have yet visit GSS, and find yourself in need of some good, well priced items, then pay a visit!

Last modified: August 7, 2011

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