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Luigi’s Pizzeria on Chesapeake

Last visited by Zerver – Jan 16 99I had originally thought to only review Paxlair as a whole, but decided that it would serve better if I added at least some of the individual buildings. Especially those whose proprietor’s give me free pizza!!!! 

Luigi’s has been well stocked every single time I’ve come to Pax so I felt it really should be mentioned seperatly.

Luigi (seen smiling in the picture – yeah that’s it) is a hard working chef. I invited him to Napa for a visit, but he said that with all of the traffic, he just couldn’t spare the time. Now that’s a chef that loves his work.

Luigi’s has outdoor tables and chairs near the fighting pits, so it is a natural place to hang out before, during, and after an exercise.

Made it by for a Saturday Night. The place seemed to be hopping (including Matt- who is ALWAYS at Pax). Lots of beer and pizza, and some sparring here and there. Looked like a lot of fun. After a while the beer and pizza ran out, so did the customers :) with screams of “Next vendor”!

Luigi’s Web Site: http://www.execpc.com/~bweber/pizzeria.shtmll

Last modified: August 8, 2011

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