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City of Golgotha – Felucca – Sonoma

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos –   April 03 01Name: City of Golgotha – Felucca – Sonoma
Guild: =G=
Guild Master: Lich Soulstealer
Location: 43o 46′ S – 20o 23′ E
Just to the north of Trinsic, northwest of the swamps. 



History: The Golgothan Kingdom is actually a rather larger version of a smaller kingdom that once resided along the shores south of Britain. This small expanse was called Arakus and was ruled by a kind man known as King Dar. After the Trinsic invasion, a substantial amount of power was granted to Lich Soulstealer in recognition for his aid in the battle and for kidnapping the traitor Malabell.

Lich Soulstealer, invigorated with this gift of power, set about to create a land where not only he would rule, but where he could be uninterrupted in his eternal quest for power. Interested in the potential of Arakus, Lich Soulstealer marched upon the small kingdom with legions of his own undead creations, subsequently capturing the kingdom.As a final last show of power, he stripped the soul of King Dar and placed it in a special gem to be his prize for eternaty. Golgotha Kingdom now spans almost the entire area between Trinsic and Britain..and is the largest establishment within the confines of Sonoma Sosoria. As for the rules to the kingdom of Golgotha, they are quite simple and can be found on the guild website. Psst! The link at the bottom. Also, Golgotha also hosts the Golgotha Woodchop in the Sonoma Fun Festival every month. Besides that, there are several businesses that run out of Golgotha. They are as follows: Golgotha General Store, Golgotha Research Labratory, Anon’s Magical Scrolls, Golgotha Merchant’s Guild, Golgotha Arms and Armor, Golgotha Explorer Rune Library, Golgotha Black Market, and Xan’s Place. Oh, and dont mind the Kargat walking around. Theyre just policing the grounds is all, to make it safe for ye and me. No worries.

Web site for Golgotha: Kingdom of Golgotha – Guild Website

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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