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The Ethereal Void Imperium is a consistently evolving entity, adapting to the needs and requests of its community. The Imperium is not just one guild or township, it is many guilds and townships working together to improve each other. The Ethereal Void Imperium maintains an “Open Door Policy” welcoming anyone, who wishes to be a positive addition to the townships and their communities.


Ethereal Void Imperium RP Government-Republic

–with township entities
Each township is granted a certain degree of autonomy, and are required to manage themselves through their own township government. They are divided up into these smaller parts to make managing their land and the affairs of their people easier.

Township Locations

Cimmerians Pass – South of Luna City (Malas)

Kijustsu Anei Village – Homare-Jima Island (Tokuno)

Kijustsu Anei Keys – North-East of Trinsic (Trammel)

Moria Village – West of Minoc Moongate (Felucca)

Zedland – West of Umbra City (Malas)

Area 51 – West of Umbra City (Malas)

Citadel of the Fallen – North of Trinsic City (Felucca)

Port Ethereal – New Magincia Island (Trammel)


Void Core – Imperium RP Leaders

Cimmerians Pass – Nyx (Baroness)
Kijustsu Anei Keys – Orin (Portreeve)
Kijustsu Anei Village – Drecko (Commander)
Port Ethereal – Elijah Cross (Praetor)
Moria Village – Zalan (Commander)
Zedland – Rivi Ravenwynd (Shadow Diplomat)
Area 51 -Abby Normal  (Chancellor)
Citadel of the Fallen – Nastia Cross (Steward)

Imperium OOC Township Leaders

Cimmerians Pass – PJ Nyx and LaKota
Kijustsu Anei Keys – Gareth, WildStar, and Shiela
Kijustsu Anei Village – Gareth, WildStar, and Shiela
Port Ethereal – Elijah Cross (Praetor)
Moria Village – Demon Slayer, Sundina and Angelica
Zedland – Rivi Ravenwynd and SHE Council
Area 51 -Abby Normal  (Chancellor)
Citadel of the Fallen – Nastia Cross

Rp Guidelines

The Imperium does not maintain many rules or regulations for roleplay. However certain RP groups, guilds and towns may have additional rules or regulations.

Last modified: October 10, 2011

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