Mystic Runes Library and Wedding Temple

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Last visited by Assia Penryn in May 2006

Facet: Trammel
Location: Next to the Shrine of Spirituality
Coordinates: 74o 58’S, 18o 50’E
Owner: MorganaSi



This establishment is located next to the Shrine of Spirituality, a short walk from the City of Trinsic. It contains not only an organized rune library, but also many player written books and a rooftop wedding temple for ceremonies.

On the first floor, you’ll find many public runebooks and novels as well. The rune library contains runes such as trammel government buildings, gatherable food, ore veins and spawning rares such as fruit baskets and tall candles. On the eastern side are the novels neatly stacked on the open-ar benches. Included in this collection are plant growing guides, virtue studies and several individual written stories and journals.

Tucked in the back corner on a golden table is a book with some information as well as contact information for those interested in using the wedding temple.

On the second floor, I found a few interesting areas. Tucked in the western part of the office, was a nice group of dye tubs. Although I couldn’t see any dyes, they were all able to be used. This set includes a rune dyetub, especially useful with the library just a floor below.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted an odd shrine of sorts upon a table on the same floor. It has a small notebook saying to the AoS Victims.

On the third floor is a lovely garden with an old weathered guildstone for the Eternal Alliance of Light [EAL]. Towards the back, near the teleporters are two changing rooms, presumably for the bride and groom. An absolutely lovely addition for any perspective couples.

On the roof, it a gorgeous temple. Beautiful red roses line the marble walkway, leading to a golden altar. MorganaSi has performed many weddings on Pacific. Although I do not know if she is still active, this beautiful temple stands as a testament to her dedication to the many happy couples she has made over the years.

Last modified: August 12, 2011

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  1. Its no longer there sad day…


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