Yew Merry Center for All – Felucca – Sonoma

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Yew Merry Center for All – Felucca – Sonoma

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos –   April 05 01Name: Yew Merry Center for All – Felucca – Sonoma
Guild: None
Location: 39o 48′ N – 42o 7′ W
Just to the south of the Yew cemetary. 



History: (Thanks to Bitter Oswald for this insight) A few friends moved to Sonoma from one of the elder shards, right after it opened. They pooled their resources, and managed to buy a large tower at the Yew Crossroads. Back in those wild and wooly days, houses were not secure, there were no lockdowns, there were no ban commands, there was no changing keys. Every homeowner’s horror was to have their keys stolen, and the location of their house known to whomever stole the keys.

This, unfortunately, was exactly what happened to the group of friends, but rather than leave the place a useless, empty hulk, or allow the bad guys to have it, they decided to throw the doors wide open, and welcome anyone who wanted to come. Now this was back before anyone knew what a “public” building was, let alone had it coded into the game as we do now.It was a long, hard, struggle. After a time, the gods looked at what the owners of the YMCA had done and were pleased. They blessed the furniture, so the twink-thieves could no longer take it, and they put a nice little courtyard out in front. The Y has a rich and varied history, from the days of no lockdowns and furniture thieves, to wild dragons being gated in from covetous, to the PK guild runs, to the incredible quests, the lean days right after UO:R, and days of just hanging out, training, watching the general freakshow that is Ultima Online. If ye want to know more about the YMCA, then I suggest ye click on the link below. There ye will find a list of rules, a little more history and some interesting scribeshots documenting the history of the Y fairly well. Ye can also add thy personal scribeshot and brief history about thyself, as a suggestion. Im currently trying to find out more details about the history of the Y and will add it when that task is complete. Even faster if ye can help me with that.

Web site for YMCA: Yew Merry Center for All

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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