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Name of Establishment: The Europa Auction House

Location: Spiritwood

Contact: Amantala (ICQ# 320065916)

Days/Hours of Staffed Operation: Auction every Wednesday, at 19:00 BST. (20:00 GMT)

Website for Establishment:

Information: Originally established in a different location almost three years ago, the Europa Auction House has been at the heart of the Europa community for a long time. Now moved to Spiritwood and part of Europa Auction and Events, the auction continues to run every Wednesday at eight o’clock, GMT, and receives a healthy amount of patrons. Whether you are buying, selling or simply watching, the Europa Auction well worth a visit. Gates are usually provides prior to the event from West Britain Bank.

Visited by Drachonis, 21st February 2007…


Last modified: August 6, 2011

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