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    Origin News
    • Red is Dead ~ Felucca adventure on Origin shard, March 27, 2015 March 31, 2015 LarisaThe citizens of Origin were called together by a man named BORDAS….he came to us with a story. “Many years ago, my band of evildoers went into Trinsic and raided the city. During that invasion we kidnapped the kings blacksmith Burke and have kept him a prisoner ever since. But…my group of bandits have revolted and have ...
    • The Grinch who Stole X-mas December 17, 2014 Larisa Greetings! The Grinch is up to no good! He has taken Santa’s sleigh and kidnapped some of his Reindeer’s! Join us on 12.23.2014 @ 9PM EDT as we try to help Santa rescue Xmas! We will be meeting at the West Brit counselor Hall! See you soon!  
    • [EM Event] Fishing Tournement with EM Xanthus! November 14, 2014 LarisaFishing Tournament!   On Friday, November 21st, EM Xanthus will be hosting a fishing tournament. The fun starts at 9 PM EST (8 PM Central) at the Jhelom Docks east of the moongate. So grab your fishing poles, grab your boats and come on down for some fishing fun! See you there!
    • [NEWS] Developer Meet and Greet – 10/22 at 9 PM EST October 22, 2014 Larisa  Come one, come all! Come meet the developers at Blackthorn Castle tonight!   Meeting will begin at 9 PM Eastern time. See you there!
    • [EM Event] Scavenger Hunt – Sunday, October 19th October 17, 2014 LarisaGreetings! On Sunday, October 19th I will be hosting a scavenger hunt! Please join me at Brit Guild Hall at 9 PM Eastern (8 pm central) for some fun! See you there!   EM Xanthus  
    • Meet and Greet – 10.12.2014 @ 10PM EDT October 1, 2014 Larisa Greetings! On Saturday October 12th, there will be a Meet and Greet held at the Brit Guild Hall at 10PM EST. We will take this time to get familiar with your new EM. We will discuss a great many things event Related and possibly introduce to you  the newly added Advisors to Origin! I look forward ...
    • [EM EVENT] A Plea for Help June 7, 2014 LarisaTaryn read the tattered message the frantic villager had delivered moments ago. She wondered if this was somehow connected to the other strange occurrences. She supposed there was only one way to find out. ————————————————————— Please meet Taryn Sullivan at the West Britain Counselor Hall on Sunday, June 8th at 6 p.m. PDT/9 p.m. EDT.
    • [EM News] An Explanation for My Absence May 12, 2014 Larisa Dear Origin, I wanted to write you all to let you know that I have not left you, or the EM program. I am still here and still, mostly, alive. However, this is one of the times where that annoying thing called real life has dealt me a bit of a bad hand. I’m currently engaged in ...
    • [EM Event] The Cove Livestock Disappearances April 24, 2014 Larisa The Cove Livestock Disappearances From the quill of EM Falcon: Reports are coming in from Cove of orcs…. orcs seen inside the city walls…. livestock disappearing… Please join us for the investigation of this matter at the EM Hall in Britain on April 27th at 3 p.m. Eastern (12 noon Pacific) . We cannot allow this to continue… ...
    • [EM Event] Easter Egg Hunt! April 17, 2014 Larisa    Easter Egg Hunt! Ziggy has been feverishly collecting and hand painting eggs to cut down on the time the Easter Bunny has to spend doing it. Now Ziggy wants to have a big egg hunt! Come out Friday night and see how many of the Easter Eggs you can find! ————————————————————– Meet at the West Britain Counselor ...

    Last modified: September 8, 2011

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