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No jingle or jangle today, folks. Tonight is more of a somber night here for the Jester. I have stepped out of my normal line of duty. Recently I made a visit to what is left of the City of Magincia. While there, I encountered the Magnate of Magincia, a man known in name as Isk. Isk is well known across Magincia as the richest, most powerful man on the island. The people of Magincia had been looking at him for guidance for years.

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The Magnate and one of the other men of Magincia, Walter was his name I believe, led me on a tour of the island. I warn you now, it is not a pretty sight. (Picture intensive, kids, just giving you a heads up.)

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Erickson Yates: Thank you, Lord Magnate, for taking time out of rebuilding Magincia to speak with one such as I.

Erickson Yates: How goes the rebuilding process, sir?

Isk: Slowly. There is only so much that can be done without the citizens back. Parts of Magincia are still coated in rubble and debris so the island continues to look like a war zone.

Erickson Yates: Have you made an effort to seek aide for the other nations and territories? *Isk seems to get agitated before answering*

Isk: The city of Pride does not need help from outsiders. When we were invaded the mainlanders did nothing to stop the flow of daemons. I watched with my own eyes as packs of elves lured white daemons on my buildings. Sure there were those that were genuine in the defence of the island, but the vast majority wanted nothing more than seeing Magincia burn so that they may take souvenirs home.

Erickson Yates: You are the head of a movement that is known as Humanis. Do you believe this invasion was a plan put into action by the lesser races in order to put and end to Magincia? A place many feel to be the last beacon of hope for Humanity. Isk: I do not think that the inferior race of elves caused this invasion… but I do think that they used the opportunity to exploit Magincia’s weakness. With the defenders so busy dealing with the daemons the elves which would normally be carefully watched had near free reign.

*Isk pauses for a moment as if considering the rest of his answer*

Isk: As all followers of the Humanis ideology can tell you, the elves are self serving and thus they can not stand anything that is better than them. It just so happens that the glorious city of Magincia overshadowed by large margins that of their primitively quaint treetop city. So elves used the invader daemons as their own weapons and lured them on our structures. So much of our history is gone now because of those greedy bastards. Erickson Yates: Were you surprised by the mass number of men and women who came to defend Magincia? Isk: At first I was. It seemed like we might have a chance but then one day early in the invasion a different mood came over most of the defenders. Someone must have planted the idea of letting the daemons loose in the city so that they can explode and in the carnage things might be stolen. While I have already stated that the root of the idea came from one with pointy ears there were plenty of people who went along with it, especially at nightly hours.

*At this point, the Magnate’s eyes are locked onto the eyes of the Jester. Even through the maskthe Magnatewears, it was visible what that his eyes were locked on those of the Jester*

Isk: Humanity rallied in the end. When the final daemons came and took root around the moongate we defeated them thoroughly… they said Magincia was saved then. But does it look safe to you?

*As the Jester glances around him, he sees the rubble of what is left, and with that, understands the point the Magnate was trying to make*

Erickson Yates: Did you know I was one of those men who came to help aide Magincia?

Isk: There were many people, a lot of chaos. I am glad you were there.

Erickson Yates: As you and I walked the streets, I noticed no buildings. How could they not have saved even one building?

Isk: Near the middle of the invasion a few of us gathered around the bank to save it. We figured the bank would be crucial in any rebuilding process. So a few of my guildmates and a handful of others surrounded the bank and successfully defended it. However over night others lured the light daemons on it. This made us see that unless we went on without sleep there was no way to save the buildings. The greed of the rubble seekers, the influence of the elves on them, was too strong.

Erickson Yates: I do not even hail from Magincia, and I am angered! What about you, Lord Magnate?

*Isk makes fists with his shaking hands*

Isk:Of course I am angry. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t enter a fit of rage. If it were within my power I would bring down the fist of humanity on every crook what stole off with my city’s walls.

Erickson Yates: Where were the refugees of the city sent? Trinsic? Moonglow? Nujelm?

Isk: My wife Angelique took the citizens off the island during the beginnings of the invasion. I do not know where they have gone but I hope they are safe and that they return soon. We can not hope to rebuild without the help of the citizens.

Erickson Yates: I have a personal question to ask of you… Many years ago, when I was a child, I came to Magincia on a visit. The one person I met was a man named Mario. He was the town baker. Tell me, Lord Magnate, did he survive?

Isk: Ah yes, the famous Mario. He survived… I think. Since he disappeared at the same time as the rest of the citizens it can be safe to say he is with the refugees, wherever they may be.

Erickson Yates: A lot of people wonder, Lord Magnate, what can we do to help rebuild Magincia?

*Isk rubs the chin of his mask before answering*

Isk: I will take the help of any human that offers it. In these times it is not a crime to have some humility. As to what can be done to offer help, we need ships and the help of independent traders to get our diamond trade back on track. The diamond trade will be what pays for our city’s revival.

Erickson Yates: This question might seem out of place, and you do not have to answer it, but I must ask anyway… Did you suffer any personal losses, Lord Magnate?

*Isk’s left hand shakes all the more as he raises his voice*

Isk: Next question.

Erickson Yates: What words of healing can you offer all those that lost a friend or family member in the invasion?

Isk: Keep hope alive. It is the nature of humanity to rise to the top. We are a race of strength and purpose. When one of us may falls another will rise. Magincians, do not give up your pride. Just because our friends have been torn down does not mean that they will be forgotten. I promise to you that I will build a memorial to all our dead when our city is rebuilt.

Erickson Yates: Thank you for your time, Lord Magnate.

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