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Aegis is a glade to the southeast of the Yew Moongate. It is home to the Knights of Yew. Most of the Buildings within the Glade belong to the Knights. The Aegis Hall is the guildhall of the Knights of Yew. Knights’ Rest is a tavern and inn run by The Knights. The Aegis Gardens is a place for meditation and reflection. The Chapterhouse is a home of the Order of Saint Gideon and a place for healing, learning and worship.Aegis was founded as soon as Lord British lifted the ban on construction in Trammel. Aegis has been the front lines in Wars against the Orc’s, Drow and the hoards of Artarion.All well intentioned visitors are warmly welcomed by the Knights. On Monday nights the Knights’ host a tavern night for the well intentioned to enjoy the glade and relax. Our Open Hand Mead is often enjoyed, as is Minocian Stout and Empath Abbey Wine. (ooc: Please keep in Mind we are a role-playing guild and ask visitors to roleplay as well) 

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Update  May 2014  by Ludes, Catskills Reporter

As part of my reporter duties I decided to visit Aegis and see how this town has stood the passages of time.  I was

pleased to see the town, while slightly smaller,  still stands.

It still sits in the beautiful glade south of the Yew moongate and host one of the oldest and most restful gardens in all of Britannia.

One note of interest is the name of the seahorse living in the pond.  Surprisingly familiar….

Needless to say I was very happy to see this town still alive and well. and I plan to visit it often.



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