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The Mystic Lake Tavern on Chesapeake

Screen Shot of OverHead Map of Establishment's Location. Last visited by Pfredd Mudd – January 9th 2000 

Coordinates:138°S 26°EAfter a particularly long session of Tailoring at the Haven Tailor Shop, I found myself rather parched, and went in search of a cool drink. I wandered around Lake Hammerfell until I came to an establishment I had not noticed before. The mistress of the place, Gypsy, had just finished hanging a newly painted sign, which read The Mystic Lake Tavern. She kindly asked me if I would like to come inside for a cool drink, an offer which I gladly accepted. 

As I mentioned earlier, the Mystic Lake Tavern is located in the town of Haven. Haven is a crafting town, in that all the crafting skills of the lands are represented there (I have the honor of being one of the resident Tailors). Haven is located in the jungles South of the Town of Trinsic. Most of the buildings are clustered around Lake Hammerfell.

The Mystic Lake Tavern is staffed on Sundays and Thursdays from 8-11pm EST. However, it is not unusual to find folks there at all hours of the day, taking a break from their labors in the great room, or just socializing on the porch that offers a fine view of the lake. The tavern has an incredible collection of rare and unusual objects as well.

While many of the tavern’s regulars are residents of Haven, folk from far and wide can be found there on occasion as well. It was recently the center of activity for the construction of a diving bell used to recover a mysterious object from the bottom of the lake. Many a fine gentleman, and quite a few lovely ladies frequent this establishment.

For information on the Tavern, and the City of Haven, please consult: http://www.haven.uoguilds.com/

Screen Shot of the Establishment.

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