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Lightbringer Academy- Trammel – Sonoma

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos –   April 11 01Name: Lightbringer Academy- Trammel – Sonoma
Guild: VDC
Guild Master: Zeromus – VDC
KingDavid – PAS
Location: 49o 34’N – 35o 26’W
Just to the northeast of Yew cemetary.



History: Upon being named Minister of Education for the Sonoma Alliance, Zeromus Lightbringer was given this tower. This tower’s purpose is to aid in the education and training of all people of Sonoma who are willing to learn.

The Academy will be used on weekends for classes. Examples of classes that will be held on a (Bi)Weekly classes on PvP, Magery, Monsters, and just about anything else. Students must not bring weapons into the Academy and must be willing to learn. Training weapons will be handed out. There will be no fee for joining and all training is for free. The Academy is still in its infancy, but it looks to be something for players, especially new players, to check out. 

Web site for the Lightbringer Academy: None

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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