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Last visited by Zerver – Nov 8 98While on a return visit to Kazolas as I was sitting enjoying the banter. I saw a gentleman walk in named Maxamilian who many greeted as “Mayor”. Being intrigued, I approached him and asked if I might speak with him, to which he agreed.

After explaining this web page to him, he offered to show me around Great Lakes. The first place we went (by food for twas not far) was the Yew Town Council Chambers. These chambers are in the Yew Winery which has been redecorated by the GMs. He said that council meetings both public and private are held often, and that elections for positions are also held.

He then lead me by magic Gate to several astounding places including the Void which I had never seen before. He also lead to to some things that I am sure are not to be found on other shards such as Mordread’s Tent. (West of Kazola’s I think, Thanks Arnoud and Jeff).

On an interesting side note, as Max and I journeyed around Yew, we encountered many others, almost all knew him and his position, and the VAST majority were well mannered and intriguing. Just was interested to note the Civility of Great Lakes and Yew.

I attended a Yew Town Council Meeting. It was a well behaved bunch, with much cheering for new town members, and little spamming.

A link to the Yew Town Council web page: http://yew.webtoys.net

I’ll not include a map since ‘twould be redundant to say “Here is Yew”.

Last modified: August 13, 2011

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