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Ceinwyn ab’Arawn

by Lady Alessandra


Recently I was in Umbra admiring the unique decor within its inn when the matriarch of Umbra happened to come across me and invited me to come and enjoy the hospitalities of their tavern, The Den of Sin. I have often been intrigued by this dark, mysterious woman, and accepting her offer, we made our way to the tavern and after we were served our drinks by a quiet hooded man, the matriarch and I began our conversation…


Lady Alessandra: Matriarch… thank you for having me in your *cough* lovely tavern. I have long been interested in getting to know you better, even though many times it seems we are on opposite sides of the fence… May I ask, for the record, what is your name and your profession? Tell us a little about yourself, if you do not mind…

Ceinwyn ab’Arawn: My name is Ceinwyn ab’Arawn and I am the arch matriarch of Umbra. I am a necromancer by all means of the word. I was born in the city of Trinsic about 240 years ago… yes… 240 years… now you know why I call most everyone child *smiles*… after much wandering about Sosaria, Umbra is now my home. Some consider me to be of the evil allignment, but personally I feel justified sending the ignorant to their deaths…

Lady Alessandra: *coughs again and shifts in her seat* Can you tell me about the others that reside here in the Realm of Umbra, your family?

Ceinwyn ab’Arawn: The The Realm of Umbra is a beacon of freedom to those who find themselves unaccepted or cast out by the so-called normal societies. It arose from the ashes of former empires that had ruled in Umbra. Currently, we have about 50 members or more. We truly are one big dark family.

Lady Alessandra: What do you think makes the Realm of Umbra different from the other nations and guilds within Sosaria? Who do you think poses the biggest threat to your Realm?

Ceinwyn ab’Arawn: We are accepting of all walks of life.. or undeath. Usually, a guild will tend to drift toward a particular race, etc. Also, we are very knowlegeable on the history of Sosaria. I’ve only seen a few others that are as knowledgeable as we are. As for who is the biggest threat *laughs slightly* I think that the Brittanian Protectorate is a large enough force to pose a threat, but things are always changing here in Sosaria, are they not?

Lady Alessandra: Who would you say has been your greatest influence?

Ceinwyn ab’Arawn: The biggest influence for me, hmm. I would say necromancy guides many of my actions. Also, I served in the army of the Dark Order, a militaristic force based in Dark Cove. Also, Cear Dallben with his unique strangeness and gift for originality…

Lady Alessandra: Matriarch, what have your fondest memories been? There have been many changes in the world over the years, do you feel these changes have benefited or hindered your guild as a whole?

Ceinwyn ab’Arawn: The changes and discoveries made within Sosaria are of great use to us. Many magics and techniques have been unearthed and lend aid to our efforts. As for fondest memory… hmm…there was the time we froze Molly of Luna…that was amusing… Another favorite was the time I was sparring with Zalar Soulblight, and he and I fell off of the roof of my house. I landed
the killing blow mid-air and his corpse plummeted instantly into bones half way down… *cackles happily*

Lady Alessandra: What are you plans for the future matriarch? Is there anything we don’t know that you wish divulged?

Ceinwyn ab’Arawn: Yes.. our guild secretly yearns to dress in all pink and we are planning to destroy the city of Trinsic *smiles slightly* We will continue to host public events. Amd lastly we invite all to join us in enlightening the world. The Virtues are a lie! Lord British only implemented them to restore the Gem of Immortality for his own twisted purposes.

Lady Alessandra: *looks down at her timepiece* Matriarch… thank you very much for this time. Perhaps another time we can sit and discuss this in much more detail…

Ceinwyn ab’Arawn: Of course *waves her hand dismissively* it was a pleasure Aless *smiles slightly* please come again and next time I will have cheesecake!



Lady Alessandra


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