Cathedral of Fire on Napa Valley

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Cathedral of Fire on Napa Valley

Last visited by Rocko – Dec 2 13 The Cathedral of Fire is a player run castle. It is run by the Avatars of the Fire. AoF was headed by Archbishop Dragon Barastl and is currently administrated (in absentia of Barastl) by Gabriel of Mith. It is located North of Trinsic, about a 5 to 7 minute walk. Stop by the shrine of Spirituality on your way, climb the steps and say “Om Om Om” to reach mental balance.The Cathedral was the most elaborate of player run buildings on Napa and is entirely player operated.  It was the center of numerous player run events and was a strong center piece of the Napa Valley Community.  When the green robes walked Sosaria the events held there would consist of monster spawns, green robe quests, scavenger hunts and many other delights.

The Cathedral has separate areas for most of the crafts. They also have teleporters to the 5 roofs of the towers.

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Last modified: December 22, 2013

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