Historic – Band of Friends [BoF] Rune Library and Lockpicking House

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Last Visited by Elves of Lorien – March 18 2004 Coordinates:15°N 33°W – Malas

he BoF Rune Library, situated due west of Hanse’s Hostel in Malas, contains approximately 200 rune books covering Trammel, Felucca and Malas. The exceptional organization and subtle decor make finding your destination a quick and easy experience. The main floor contains Trammel/Malas runes, with Felucca runes on the second floor accessed via teleporter on the north wall.

All of the standard locations can be found here, including some very useful categorizations:

  • Cities by NPC type
  • Moongates and shrines
  • Dungeons
  • Geographical types: islands, swamps, cemetaries
  • Resource gathering
  • Quest locations
  • Rares spawn points
  • Escort destinations
  • Popular hunting spots
  • Two volumes of unique landmarks
  • Locations for training specific skills
  • Color-coded mining libraries
  • Treasure map library
  • Extensive Malas library including cities, landmarks, spawn locations, mining, and Doom/Doom rares.The building directly north of the Rune Library is home to BoF’s Lockpicking house.This excellent public training location contains 4 rows of chests, each row containing locked boxes that were tinkered at graduating skill levels (30, 50, 80 and GM). 100 lockable boxes are stored in each row of chests for the first 3 levels, and 200 GM level boxes in the final row. A very thorough lockpicking skill essay, as well as instructions for setting up a UO Assist macro are locked down near the chests. Public runebooks to popular lockpicking locations are conveniently located here as well. Lock picks are sold on a vendor near the front, as well as copies of the lockpicking rune books.The BoF Rune Library and the BoF Lockpicking House are excellent locations, and each are a welcome asset to the community.




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