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Sonoma Players Association – Felucca and Trammel

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos –   April 28 01

Name: Sonoma Players Association – Felucca and Trammel – Sonoma
Guild(s), Person(s) Involved/Wanted: All
Group Alignment: Any
Style of Role Playing: Scripted Dynamic RPing
Group Created: April 19 01  Founder: Vladimir Taltos
Spokesperson(s): Vladimir Taltos – UOS – ICQ: 13227275
Anistas – KtL – ICQ: 16182058

Main Location: UOSS Trammel Headquarters – 121o 12′ N – 58o 4′ E
Just a short boat ride to the northwest from Minoc – East of Dungeon Wrong

Most active times of the Week: Currently Thursdays, but looking to expound upon other days.
Weekly/Regular Events: Varied quests help on every other Thursdays at 7pm pst. Planning meetings are private unless the person is involved.

Current Total Members: 18
Current Roster:
Vladimir Taltos – Neutral  Anistas – Neutral  Pluffina – Neutral  Perial – Good  Soulflame – Neutral
Zeromus – Neutral  Ashley – Neutral  Faethor – Neutral  Cice Havaris – Unknown  Govannon – Good
Cyranth – Unknown  Killaua – Unknown  McCoy – Neutral  Newton III – Unknown  Migon – Evil
Prophet – Good  Raistlia – Neutral  Sage Arthur – Neutral  Syrus Rane – Unknown

Rules Practiced: No one person is above another. Everyone is asked to give their input in helping to make a better showing for the quest at hand. Ideas about quests are discussed and formed into the best possible desired outcome. We believe in dynamic role playing as we follow an scripted outline to give direction. Everyone involved in the quest keeps the information about the quest to themselves outside of the SPA group, so as to not ruin the quest for those who may be adventuring on it.

The main thing is to have fun and communicate that fun. We look for ways to make ideas work rather than give negative comments. No one aspires to be the center of the lime light. Anything to help build up the Role Playing Community is explored. Nothing is impossible. All ideas from everyone are shared before the group during the meeting and discussed. By all means, if some one has a better way of doing something, then the better idea is utilized. All egos are left at the login screen.



History: The Sonoma Players Association is open to all who want to participate and instigate quests for the Sonoma Shard. The SPA is still in its infancy and is looking to form a stable Role Playing base for the community.

The SPA was brought about due to the retirement of the last active Seer for the shard. Many who are a part of SPA are looking to add something to the game besides how many Gm full plates they can sell from their vendors. If ye are looking to do more than work thy skills, then do nay hesitate to contact one of the spokespersons listed above and they’ll be happy to help include thee into the fun and excitement. If ye have never roleplayed a day in thy life, but would like to try, heres thy chance.


Web site for SPA: Do ye really need one?

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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