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Speakeasy Stratics Hall – Malas – Sonoma

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos – October 09, 03Name: Speakeasy Stratics Hall – Malas – Sonoma
Speakeasy Hall Proprietor: The UO Sonoma News Team
Guild: UOSS – Ultima Online Stratics Sonoma
News Manager: Vladimir Taltos
Location: 35o 30’N 4o 25’E
Just a casual animal ride to the west from Umbra
– It’s in the Orc Fort for crying out loud! 




The Speakeasy Stratics Hall is not your mother’s hang out and it certainly isn’t a dry establishment. It’s located just northest of the Broken Mountains, inside the old Orc Fort, and could be considered a slight journey west of Umbra. Sorry, there’s nothing closer, get over it. The place isnt too hard to find and everyone is welcome to visit.

The Speakeasy Hall is the Headquarters for the Stratics News Team on Sonoma in Malas and it’s the main office building for the staff. It was placed by Vladimir Taltos when Malas opened for housing. It has been and will continue to be in the hands of a UOSS team member as a public establishment to be utilized by the community. The office complex offers McCoy’s Tavern on the main floor where all sorts of distilled spirits can be obtained, various types and quantities of food can be eaten, and a place where good conversation can be had by all those who attend the facility. The second floor hosts the reporter’s offices for them to use for their various tasks they perform (whatever it is they actually do), the third floor contains a small workshop area flanking the large and spacious main UOSS meeting room, while the fourth floor displays the Stratics rose garden. The Speakeasy Hall has been set up for better player use and is a great place where guilds and groups can meet up before heading out on Shard hunts, events, parties, and so forth. Award ceremonies and just about any other type of meeting, or event, can be held at the facility. If you would like to book the complex for your event, you may contact any reporter by Clicking This Nifty Link Here. There are several small shops in the area around the Speakeasy Hall that sell items adventurers might find useful as they go out in search fun and excitement. The complex is currently being geared as a rallying point for upcoming Role Playing classes on a regular basis, which are going to be taught by the Stratics staff and volunteers who want to participate at the Troubador of Sorrowful Joy Theatre located in Caerleon Malas. The idea is to help build up the Role Playing Community by teaching those interested in learning more about what Role Playing is, the different ways it can be performed, and for those who are simply looking to sharpen their skills. If this seems like something you may be interested in then please check Stratics UO Sonoma Public Forums regarding upcoming classes, aptly titled Role Player 101 on the UO Sonoma Events Calendar at the top. If you’re looking to volunteer and help with the classes, then by all means contact us at Role Players Class Volunteer

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