The Baronship of Cove on Europa

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Name of Town: The Barony of Cove

Location: Main buildings north of Cove, rest located in surrounding area.

Contact: Octiovus (ICQ# 284429275)

Days/Hours of Staffed Operation: Not Applicable as such.

Website for Establishment:

Quick Information: While it might seem odd to have a page on, what is essentially, an “official” town, the Baronship of Cove, the guild occupying the surrounding area, have set up quite the community around the small peninsula north of the walled village. The Barony gives home to various different peoples, from peasants and commoners, to the army men of of the Baronship, to the Baron of Cove himself.

Visited by Drachonis, 16th March 2006…

North of the walled village of Cove, in the peninsula that overlooks the sea, a small collection of buildings, including a large stone keep that is the Barracks of the Baronship of Cove and several small plaster houses surrounding the forest, is the Barony of Cove. Ruled over by the Baron, the Barony holds several amazing house designs, though for the purposes of this article I have narrowed it down to two, exceptionally intricate, designs – The Barracks and the Folk Tale House (The local Tavern)

I was given a quick tour of the Barracks by one of the guardsmen, who wishes to remain anonymous. He first showed me the downstairs tavern, less popular than the Folk Tale House though occasionally crowded nonetheless, then upstairs to a section that, I was told, was used for the administration of the Baronship. Several chests were lain up against the wall, and piles of the riches were stacked in the corner and a lovely carved wooden warrior statue was standing in the hall. I was also treated to a swift glance of a meeting that the Baron used for meetings, though my glance was short, it was a beautiful room. Upstairs once again, I was led, to an arena used by the Baronship for parade ceremonies and combat training.
The next establishment that captured my interest was the Folk Tale House, one of the most popular taverns of the surrounding area. Similar in decoration to the Swagger’s Inn of Vesper, I was delighted to enjoy a goblet of their finest wine amongst the company of the local guardsmen. A large stone hearth at the back of the room gives off a warm glow when you are enjoying a quick pick me up or meal, and games of darts are common on certain days. A variety of people attend the Tavern on a regular basis, so whenever you pop in, you’re bound to meet a new friend.


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