Historic – Brigand’s Den Rune Library

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Last Visited by El of LA – December 30, 2005
Coordinates: 8° 26′ S, 34° 1′ W – Trammel

Toben operates a full-service rune library to serve your every need. A special feature of this rune library is its first floor full of quest and UO skills-raising books, guides, and walk-throughs. The shelves are color-coded to make looking for the right rune easier.

The Brigand’s Den is located just South of the Brigand Fort off the road near the Britain/Skara Brae/Yew crossroads at 8o 26′ S, 34o 1′ W in Trammel.

Toben regularly adds runes to the library. Pick up a rune from a bank, or find your way to the Brigands’ Fort and the Brigands’ Den Rune Library. You will find it is a handy resource for all the players of Lake Austin!













First Floor: Locations for skill gains, guides, and written walk-throughs.


Second Floor: Trammel Runes.


Third Floor: Felucca, Malas, Tokuno Runes.


Fourth Floor: The Brigand’s Den!





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