“The Cerulean Flame” Tavern

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“The Cerulean Flame” Tavern

Last visited by Assia Penryn in May 2006

Facet: Trammel
Location: Northeast of Vesper, Windemere Woods
Coordinates: 113o 6’N, 126o 4’E
Owner: Lucia Cervantes


The Cerulean Flame is bartended every week on Mondays 7-8pm PST

This tavern can be found northeast of the City of Vesper on the edge of the Windemere Woods. It is bartended weekly, but you can also reserve it on other nights for events or private functions. To request reservations and private bartending, please use the bulletin board inside.

The fragrant flowers gave the whole place a pleasant feeling. The tavern is within the double doors with the stairs leading to the staff’s private quarters. Although it is open to the public, visitors might consider knocking so as not to scare the barmaids and cooks relaxing inside.

Inside, the tavern is functional, but boasts a beautiful blue theme in its furniture. Several bottles of rare wine sit behind the bar and the tavern boasts an extensive menu for its patrons.

On a valorite table lay a few useful runebooks including a runebook with all the Stratics Establishments listed on our page. It is a great jumping off point for those who have lost their runes to the other establishments. There is also a runebook with some popular RP locations for those interested.

Tucked in the corner is a bookcase that has runes and information on several Pacific Shard guilds of all types. There is a red book on top with information on how to get your guild added to this directory.

On the second floor is a public bookcase with over 80 books. The collection includes non-fiction, essays as well as some private memos collected over the years. Although not organized, the books are worth looking through with titles including: Rite of the Sigil, Tao of the Bard and The Mongbat Lord.

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