Historic – Village of Heaven’s Forge

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The Village of Heaven’s Forge

The Darkmor Tavern on the Western edge of Heaven's Forge. Last Visited by Cymidei Fier – 04/25/2001 

Coordinates: 106’41°N 50’24°E – TrammelHeaven’s Forge is a very busy place, much talked about and the host of many exciting events. I have visited it many times. 

If you travel South of the Dungeon Wrong and East of the mountains near Wrong you will find Heaven’s Forge easily.

The citizens of Heaven’s Forge can be found at almost any time. I have had the best luck finding them in the eventings however.

Heaven’s Forge is a popular gathering point for all sorts of eccentric characters and adventurers. Darius, the town Mayor, and the citizens of the town are for the most part a virtuous people. Key points of interest in Heaven’s Forge are the Darkmor Tavern, Hope’s Seaside Tavern and the Town hall, and the vendor mall.

Their Web Site: Heaven’s Forge Website

The Darkmor Tavern of Heaven's Forge.

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