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Goodman’s Rune Library on Atlantic

Last visited by Keeshi – April 19th 2000 This eve as I was out to sea, me ship came upon a spot of trouble. Seems a ‘uge storm was a’comin so I quickly ‘eaded towards the nearest shore, me crew bein newly formed and all. As we approached land I was pleased to see we were ‘eadin towards a beach. What could be grander I thought as I touched the ‘eated sand. Bein the inquisitive type I am, I started to explore the area when I came across a large two story buildin. I was immediately curious, seein as ‘ow this was the only one in the area. I was surprised to find it was indeed a rune library, much to my delight. No one was about so I peered at the sign and found it was owned by some chap named Goodman.

The library is located on the Northern shore of the isle of Magincia. It is easily found seeing as it’s the only two story in the area.
Unfortunately no one was about to give me any information on the the buildin, as to ‘ow it came to be or who established it. Walkin throughout it though I was quite impressed. The decour is excellent, especially the rear top room I sketched fer ye below. That room ‘owever is nary open to the public. The main attraction ‘owever is the actual number or runes the buildin ‘as. One to nearly anywhar yer ‘eart desires.
Information on the library can be found at the webtome Rune Library

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