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Last visited by Mystra, July 2003The OEK Museum and Vendor House is located just West of the Southern Vesper bridge, directly opposite the guard post at 52o 54′ N, 99o 29′ E.

Being the Fisherperson I most certainly am, the Sight of the Castle by the sea as we approached the southern docks of Vesper is one that brings me warmth and reassurance. This Castle has stood guardian to the port town for as long as any fisher can recall on Trammel and will be there long after all the boats are gone. When I was offered a chance to learn more of this Establishment, it was just too much to pass up on and I went quite eagerly. The Carriage driver conveyed castle History as we rode to the Castle whose entry portcullis raised at his behest.

The Castle was purchased by Sir Charles and family over 2 years prior to this writing. The amount of 25 Million was brought to these shore by several old dragon ships and took 4 days for it all to arrive from his bank in Nujelm. As the boats landed with their gold piles, workers spent days moving it up to Vesper’s bank to secure in the account of the previous owner. After those tired ex-miners were done lugging gold, Sir Charles commissioned them to move his rarest possessions to the newly purchased stronghold for safekeeping. Strange and unusual items began to arrive daily and none of them wanted the knowledge of their origins, just to move the goods to the new house and get paid. The worst task at hand to the laborers was filling the Castle dungeons with creatures of all kinds — from the serene Unicorn to an Ancient Wyrm who slew 4 of his gatherers before descending below. The last creature to arrive was a Silver Steed. I have not seen one to date, but have heard tale of their beauty and fortitude. Sir Charles arrived atop the Silver and as they rode through the gates, the Castle was locked down tight. It remained like that for quite some time as many wondered as to the happenings on the inside; the nois of craftsmen could be heard, but none came to town or left the castle at all. Many months passed, till one day town criers announced the opening: “OEK Museum and Shop will open for business on the morrow !” and the criers labored all day from each town to spread the word.

Upon approaching, one can tell the Museum is more of the establishment, as vendors are scattered about to offer many comforts. The porch has 3 resource vendors and a blood stain where the 4th was caught stealing just 2 days before my visit – an example made. The Massive front doors were opened by servants who bowed as I walked through a corridor of more vendors into the main room. Vendors again for convenience only: Potion Kegs, Scroll, Ingots, Archery Weapons and other minor trinkets were scattered about. A sign pointing up the grand staircase stated “Museum 2nd floor” and thinking to myself the first floor held a few unique treasures I ascended, hopes high .

A HUGE dining table waited, adorned with pink champagne bottles and flutes at each setting, Empty Jars for a centerpiece, an original Skull Candle and some fruit baskets. “Not bad” I say, and hope to be invited to that dinner party. Green Glasses, some full of ale awaiting guests, sat along the bar as its tender leered out from behind a small book appraising all. All of the creatures’ statues are strewn about this level to growl or sing at passersby as they explore the tower rooms.

The East side held such treasures as a “A Bottle”: red and unique by all standards, whispering Roses, Flowerpots and Hairdyes and the Head of Lord Hellspawn, who upon approach asked to be let off his display table. Stepping clear of the disembodied head I crossed to the West side, passing a ship Claim Ticket and Sheet Music ( it was a page from the old Gleeman Thom Merrilan ) quiet impressive indeed!

The West wing held more treasures of the kind we had now come to expect; A Tray and Shipmodel, Hair and Beard Dye, and more statues. The front patio holds a billiards Table, Double Hand Playing Cards, a Ceramic Mug and other lesser items of interest. It was in this room I met Sir Charles and took a few moments to avail myself of his company maybe ask a few questions. The few things I wanted to know were the standard – why did you do this, what’s your history and a little more on background as a whole. After 2 glasses of a blue tart wine I had enough to discern the following ….

Mystra: How Long has OEK Castle Been a Museum?
Sir Charles: It has been a museum since day one. I decided that as a beta player I wanted to preserve some of UO’s finer things and also some of it’s travesties.
Mystra: Who Runs the vendors?
Sir Charles: The vendors are all run by guild members.
Mystra: How did you obtain the impossibly rare items we can see at OEK?
Sir Charles: The rares started as a gift from Soul Blighter to Rastus for Christmas of ’97 with a Christmas bag. Rastus is Soul Blighter’s dad. Then it snowballed from there. Most have been gotten from trades with friends. Rastus and Soul have made many friends in Britannia and really want to preserve the history for all to see. We have been apart of many, many things and hope to do many more mini-quest from this location. With it being in the guard zone of Vesper it is accessible to all.
As I rose to leave he grabbed my arm and made me promise to convey to you all the following … “I want everyone to know they are welcome to just come sit at the bar and talk about old times. And to plan the new times ahead!”

On the way out, I decided to check the lower tower rooms and found a Stables with spawning Hay and Ethereals; A crafters room with Coal Armor and a Blood Red Executioners Axe; A Virgin Valentines Bag From Santa Himself; a bloody bandage, and much more lying about.
Dont miss your chance to stop by here for some nostalgia or just to pester Sir Charles! Great Job depicting much of UO History !


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