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Interview With A Demon Lord

by GreyPawn


Beleth, of the Order of the Ebon Skull took the time out of his schedule the other day to allow us an in depth interview. This is the first of a series of interviews we’ll be conducting with community leaders and influential people here on the Atlantic shard.

[GreyPawn] What first lead you to the Order of the Ebon Skull?
[Beleth] Probably dueling on top of Golgotha after Black Mass, with Falco and others. I was MTC at the time with Phoenix, and well.. even though the guilds were at war, I still dueled with them. Once I got to know them, I finally joined up and well.. thats what lead me to OES.

[GreyPawn] How would you describe what you do in OES? What your role is?
[Beleth] I was the leader of the Death Knights sect, right now I do alot of stone management to help out Azalin (basically sending out war invites, and recruting some people onto the stone), and I organized some battles (The War for Britain). Right now, I just play the Daemon Lord, I gave up leadership of the Death Knights and help out here and there with the sect.

[GreyPawn] What would you say the high point of being involved in the roleplaying community has been for you?
[Beleth] High point? Well, taking the throne of Lord British and actually having some people recognize me as King of Britannia (not sure how long that will last though).

[GreyPawn] How do you account for OES’s successes in operating a guild for as long as it has? By that I mean, what do you attribute it to?
[Beleth] Azalin, plain and simple… He does a TON of work for his guild, and it is because of him that it has survived the rocky points. Also, people like Nathalia who help run the city and keep it as active as possible, help keep OES going strong.

[GreyPawn] You said you’ve played both sides, both good and evil. Which would you say is the more difficult for the roleplayer? Good, or evil?
[Beleth] Both are hard in different aspects.. Good, well.. you have to control yourself ingame and you can’t let your actions slip by say.. murdering someone here and there. But with Evil.. your expected to be the loser in most situations, and even when you do win.. you can always expect the good guys to try to stop you again and again.

[GreyPawn] Your name, Beleth, is rather interesting. Is there a story or special meaning behind it?
[Beleth] Beleth was: One of the governors of Hell, Beleth presides over eighty-five legions of demons. He rides a pale horse and is announced by a blare of trumpets. [TD]
[Beleth] It was from a list of Daemons and such, and it just seemed right at the time.

[GreyPawn] Does OES have any big plans for the coming of Malas and Necromancy with Age of Shadows?
[Beleth] Yes.. but I cannot go into details =).

[GreyPawn] Very understandable. What advice would you give to any new evil roleplayers starting out?
[Beleth] Don’t give up.. People will not like you ingame, and treat you like trash ingame, but out of the game.. your enemies can be your best friends.
[Beleth] Oh.. forgot.. For all you new evil people.. Best guild there is =).

[GreyPawn] [/plug] Hehe
[GreyPawn] One final question… If there was one thing you could change about UO, or the Atlantic shard, what would it be?
[Beleth] Well, for UO in general.. bring back the Seers and (even with customization), town blessings. And for the Atlantic shard.. The community needs to come together more, and stop the OOC fighting.

[GreyPawn] Alrighty. Well that concludes our interview. Thank you for coming, Beleth.


Posted on Sunday, February 23, 2003, 1:53 PM EST by GreyPawn

Last modified: August 17, 2011

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