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Tavern of The Eight Virtues on Catskills

Last visited by Zerver – Dec 15 98The Tavern is located North EAST of Vesper (Thanks Mike22). From Vesper Bank, go “Up” over the bridge, then turn right and keep going West “Down and Right” until you see the permanent camp. The Tavern is just north of that camp, on the shore.

A very nice thing for them is how close the Shrine of Sacrifice is. Remember that sometimes when your skills seem stuck, a visit to a shrine can help get them going again.

The owner, and most of the members of the guild are European. So their play times tend to be in the early of the afternoon (Pacific time). They often come on right after the server comes back up, and play until almost midnight their time.

Many of the players spoke perfect or broken english, so communicating was no problem.

The Tavern is the central gathering point for all of the Virtue Village, and you can often find some good role playing if you come by. Just listen to the conversations, and try to add helpful ideas as you go.

Link to the Eight Virtues Web Site: http://www.wildguitar.com/vv

Last modified: August 9, 2011

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