CSD- Balandar

Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Skill Class: Mage
Primary Nemesis: Image of the Magician/Kendrick Marrow  

Official Title: Royal Mage
Special Title: First Order of Enchanters

Residence/Dwelling: Lord Balandar’s Estate, Moonglow
Building of Operation: Castle Britannia

First Storyline Appearance: [EM Event Name/Unknown]
Date of First Storyline: [Day, Month Date, Year]
Storyline Appearances:
* Poseidon’s Fury Excavations
* Township Banners
* Nemesis Stone
* Paws Trammel and Felucca

Special Items/Abilities

Balandar’s Fury





Into the Abyss…
By: Elder EM Dudley

Balandar smiled to himself. Standing before him atop the stone table in his laboratory stood a perfect preparation of Alchemical Devastation. The vessel that would transport this most destructive salve had been delivered from the Tomas O’Neerlan’s the day prior. Now it was up to Balandar’s steady hand to see the final steps in the completion of this device were carried out. Balandar exhaled deeply and wiped the sweat from his brow. This was the moment of truth. If Balandar let the salve saturate the timbers of the wood too quickly the result would be fatal. He carefully dripped the salve onto the timbers, taking special care to do it as prescribed in the protocol. Balandar breathed a sigh of relief, the explosives were ready. He collected the pebbles of the Plumbumb from the garden where they’d been laid to desiccate under the full moon. These would provide the necessary ballast and keep the explosives in place against the obstruction in the whirlpool. As he prepared the finishing touches there was a knock at the door…

“It’s time.” Said Drake Foxx.
Balandar replied, “Very well. Let us make way for Jhelom” Outside a caravan awaited, for tonight Balandar would be one step closer to the artifact…
Grocery Shopping
By: Elder EM Dudley

Balandar apparated into his home to find books strewn about the place. Ancient tomes lay open on the floor, aged manuscripts shuffled around in haste. What was this? The scene reverberated within his psyche, reminding him of his abduction not a year ago by Casca’s agents. The hairs of his neck stood at attention as he moved carefully through his Villa. He slipped a hand into his reagent pouch, lightning ready to let loose from his fingertips. Whomever was responsible for this intrusion had now been long gone. Balandar was yet uneasy. He waved his hand, the books and scrolls that lay on the floor seemed to effortlessly float up and find their places on the shelf. Balandar snapped his fingers and immediately the room was filled with the light of flickering candles. He was quite sure he knew what the intruder was searching for. He removed a leather bound tome from his pack and placed it on the stone table. The light from the nearby skull candle illuminated the words “Alchemical Devastation.” Balandar sat down and opened the tome. Inside he skimmed the pages briefly and settled on one in particular. “What a peculiar combination of ingredients”, he thought. With a dismissing smile he leaned back in his chair, excited at the task that lay ahead…

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