Telia’s Rune Library

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Telia’s Rune Library on Drachenfels

Screen Shot of OverHead Map of Establishment's Location. Last Visited by Stinger – Jun 12 2000

Coordinates:48°S 0°W”You must come to see my library, Stinger” Kathleen’s message read, “It would aid so many people in their travels throughout this land.” Once again, my interest was peaked and the travelling itch descended. I arranged to meet Frarc at the Britain moongate in Felucca and from there, we made our way west past the river’s end and then south to the library. All was quiet in the forest and we met little opposition other than a few orcs and mongbats. Ettins and other such beasts have been seen in the forest near there as well.
Eirene met us at the door and ushered us inside to show us around. As she described the history and workings of the library many people passed through, a few of them stopping to chat. Telia’s Rune Library was established November 24th, 1998. Telia, a mage scribe, met Eirene and sold her a spellbook. With this small act a friendship was formed. Discussions of a join project ensued, a rune library. It was a rocky beginning and twice all the runes were lost, once under mysterious circumstances involving a nightmare. Telia left long ago on a new business venture and visits from time to time. Kathleen now runs the shop keeping which is named in honor of her friend and co-founder. The library is open to people from all walks of life. If you are accosted, however, and none of the staff are about you can report the troublemaker. (See webpage) The library has a vast array of runes to towns and other locations of special interest such as treasure maps and dungeons. (Visit their webpage for a complete listing) At the library you can also find several purveyor’s of fine goods offering a varied assortment of provisions, arms, and magical items and any sort of thing you might wish for. Grandmaster Bard, Lady Shira a neighbor had this to say about Telia’s Rune Library, “It’s a place to forget time.”
Screen Shot of the Establishment.

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