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UO Auction House

UO Auction House (Trammel) Proprietors: Cherokee and Diamond Owner On Sign: Heaven Footprint: 18×18 Co-ordinates: 35o 36’N 25o 31’W Visited By: Jayde Silverhart Visited On: March 12, 2006 Map to Location:

Sonoma finally has a new auction house! Since the indefinite suspension of activities at Sotheby’s of Sonoma, Sonomans have been clamoring for a new place to auction their wares. The UO Auction House, who celebrated their grand opening on March 12, 2006 with over 70 potential buyers and sellers, are providing just that.

The auction house is located along the road south out of Luna. Simply follow the road across the great bridge. Sextant-free navigation brings you to the Auction House in a matter of minutes.

The auction’s structure works out qute well. Bids are called out by the patrons until the item is sold. When a final price has been determined, a placeholder item (usually a bandage) is given to the UOA Cashier vendor (pictured in white robe and green obi). Purchasing the placeholder item saves the high bidder from the need to run to the bank to get a check. Additionally, it protects against someone else buying the item from the vendor after the item has been won. The bandage is then turned in to the UOA treasurer, who replaces it with the actual item won.

UOA’s auction house charges 5% of the final price as a fee for auctioning off your goods. Minimum bids are set by the seller. With turnouts like this, the auctions are a great way to make some room in your house for the next expansion without the mess and hassle of vendors. Interested parties should ICQ Diamond or Cherokee at UOA to make arrangements.

The proprietors ask that all pets be kept in the spacious stable located on the first floor. Auction security tends to the animals and informs owners if any pets are attempting to sneak off during the bidding.

The second floor houses the main auction area, with comfortable seating for 70. Security personnel (in blue robes) surround the area and ensure that patrons don’t get overly rowdy. At present, the third and fourth floors are reserved for management and are not accessible to the general public.

The proprietors, Diamond and Cherokee, have been running auctions on the Catskills shard for more than three years. Items for their Sonoma and Catskills auctions can be viewed at their Web site, UOACatskills.com. Auctions on Sonoma are held every other Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Pacific (7:00 p.m. Eastern). Stop by and pick something up today

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