Township of Darkmoor – Malas – Sonoma

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Township of Darkmoor – Malas – Sonoma

Last visited by Anev – April 15 03Name: Township of Darkmoor – Malas – Sonoma
Guild: The Third Legion (III)
Contact: Maximus Meridius/Del Xavier
Staff members: NA
Location: 98o 31′ N, 53o 26′ E 

Southeast of Luna and South of Grimswind Ruins.



History: The Third Legion (III), officially opened Darkmoor in March 29, 2003. Darkmoor will soon be hosting weekly events and charity activities, including future merchant market selections. Township of Darkmoor is working to be a part of the Sonoma Township Ring. The town is open to anyone and any guild. They encourage any guild that would like to become involved and be part of the town’s growth to contact them.

With several buildings many dedicated to specific activities Darkmoor is a true town. Castle Darkmoor, the Grand Coliseum and the Mar Vendor House & Convention Center are just but a few highlights in Darkmoor. Several other buildings along with regular events make the town a unique and fun place to visit.Township of Darkmoor is located near the far northeast end of Malas in the snowy Northern Crags. Visitors are asked to behave and show respect and consideration to everyone.

Web site for the Township of Darkmoor: Third Legion (III) of Darkmoor

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