UO’s Oldest Houses – D & E

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Shard Facet Co-ordinates House Name Build Date Owner
Drachenfels Trammel 47º01N 7º18E SAS Workshop 2000-07-21 Ariye
Drachenfels Felucca 131º3N 149º33E Clan Forge [CF] 1998-11-23 Anastasius
Drachenfels Felucca 131º51N 148º51E Clan Forge [CF] 1999-06-15 Meltdown
Drachenfels Felucca 109º31N 5º16W Clan Forge [CF] 1999-06-19 Lamar
Drachenfels Felucca 124º7N 146º15E Misty Cloud HQ 2000-02-16 Satori
Drachenfels Trammel 72º47N 130º46E Clan Forge [CF] 2000-07-18 Quidam
Drachenfels Trammel 124º7N 86º45E Clan Forge [CF] 2000-07-18 Shakar
Drachenfels Felucca 115º55N 95º07E Noogman’s Home 1999-02-25 Noogman
Drachenfels Felucca 148º42S 54º25E This is a grandfathered house 2001-08-25 QueenOfTheElves
Drachenfels Felucca 92º23N 164º3W Alamo 2001-06-25 Lohengrin
Drachenfels Trammel 92º33N 171º51W Osgiliath 2000-07-18 Shadow
Drachenfels Feluca 25º2S 17º51E A Jeweler & Tinker – 24o 57’S, 17o 51’E – The Coast 2000-01-07 Ken the Fisher
Drachenfels Felucca 27º25S 12º5E The Society Of Innkeepers – 27o 20’S, 12o 5’E – The Coast 2000-04-02 Ken the Innkeep
Drachenfels Felucca 28º39S 14º29E The Society Of Tamer’s & Vet’s 28o 33’S, 14o 29’E The Coast 1999-10-04 Selina Kyle
Drachenfels Felucca 31º59S 14º12E The Society Of Butchers – 31o 54’S, 14o 12’E – The Coast 1999-04-14 Ken the Butcher
Drachenfels Felucca 31º54S 14º45E Society of Weaponsmaker’s – 31o 48’S , 14o 45’E 1999-01-12 Ken the Miner
Drachenfels Felucca 33º45S 14º20E The Society of Merchants Guilds Rune Library 1999-04-14 Ken the Cook
Drachenfels Felucca 33º50S 8º17E The Society Of Healer’s 33o 45’S, 8o 17’E – The Coast thanks
Drachenfels Felucca 37º52S 16º48E The Society Of Chef’s And Cook’s 37o 52’S, 16o 48’E The Coast 1998-11-09 Linda Danvers
Drachenfels Felucca 38º35S 16º44E The Society Of Baker’s 38o 35’S, 16o 44’E The Coast 1998-11-22 Ken the Baker
Drachenfels Felucca 2º27N 27º29E The Society of Merchant’s Guild’s Britain Vendor 2o 32’N, 27o 29’E Board Walk 1998-10-29 Rhynn Kwll
 Drachenfels  Trammel  164º52S 9º29W  Dayton’s  2001-08-23  Dayton
Drachenfels Trammel 115º2N 166º18W Mystery’s Castle 2001-04-23 Mystery
 Drachenfels  Trammel  12º18N 3º5W  Hunter’s Lounge Rune Library  2001-08-04  Piotr Aureus
 Drachenfels  Trammel  35º14S 50º12E  Hunter’s Museum  2000-07-19  Brim Silverhand
 Drachenfels  Trammel  59º10N 34º6W  Hunter’s Castle  2000-07-18  Sortesmed
 Drachenfels  Trammel  128º25N 90º4E  [MoD] & [Luna] HQ  2000-07-18 Luna
 Drachenfels  Trammel  120º45N  172º16W  museum for weapons and armor  2000-07-18  Shmabalar
 Drachenfels  Trammel  108º11N  159º24W  man lernt nie aus!  2001-08-02 Theon
Drachenfels Malas  102º8’N 260º13’W  Golden Crane Libary  2004-03-20  a DF Worker
Europa Trammel 57º18N 25º48W The Angry Mongbat Tavern 2001-10-05 Petra Fyde
Europa Trammel 130º41N 94º46E 2000-07-18 Maro Acidburn
Europa Felucca 112º35N 164º15W SPA Castle 1999-02-02 Zorac
Europa Trammel 31º06N 49º25E SPA Keep 2000-07-20 Argenthrop
Europa Felucca 91º24N 165º52W The Igloo 1999-01-25 Anne
Europa Trammel 50º22N 101º44E Siris Solarium 2000-11-13 RavenMoor
Europa Felucca 1º35S 25º6E Sages Spire 1999-12-05 Nexus
Europa Felucca 131º7S 50º58E Heart and Soul 1999-11-20 Kali
Europa Felucca 131º50S 52º1E The White Rose 1999-12-16 Lucy The Fair
Europa Felucca 130º31S 52º10E The Sun & Moon 1999-06-17 Minx
Europa Felucca 78º2S 17º55W A New Hope 1999-07-15 Opal
Europa Trammel 80º35S 21º1W Mountain Soul 2000-07-20 Ximia
Europa Felucca 76º12N 7º52W The Owl’s Eye Tavern 1998-11-19 Kron
Europa Trammel 59º19N 34º14W Yew Castle, Borough of Yew 2000-07-20 Chaismene Volte
Europa Trammel 107º14N 37º37E iain’s tailoring house 2000-07-18 iain
Europa Trammel 126º8N 81º12E iain’s minoc estate 2000-07-18 tiny
Europa Trammel 107º30N 160º49W iain’s icy castle 2000-07-18 tim
Europa Trammel 29º38N 47º19W iain’s place 2000-07-18 fellreg
Europa Felucca 33º19N 0º54E * 2000-01-25 Ulfrigg
Europa Felucca 33º19N 0º54E stall goop 2000-03-11 vamp
Europa Felucca 18º2N 18º54E stall goop III 2000-02-04 ulfrigg
Europa Felucca 14º25N 27º29E Solvalla 1999-12-28 Money Maker
Europa Felucca 119º21S 10º24W beware of the dog 2000-04-12
Europa Trammel 57º02N 24º15W Barians of Yewdale 2001-03-26 Barian III
Europa Trammel 66º37S 56º40E Friendship Hall 2000-07-20 BarianIV
Europa Trammel 112º40N 164º15W Castle Barian 2000-07-18 Barian III
Europa Felucca 122L36S 35º9E Why is this person stuck under my house sign? 2000-08-20 Emily K
Europa Felucca 128º19S 50º24E R&H Tower 1999-02-13 Robyd
Europa Felucca 129º22S 49º51E R&H Storage Shed 2000-04-11 Pyscotic
Europa Felucca 57º49N 42º11W Our House 2000-02-10 Tonya
Europa Felucca 70º45N 76º34E R&H mining house 2000-02-04 Ida
Europa Trammel 71º16N 41º54W Meeting place of R&H 2000-07-20 Tammy
Europa Trammel 74º37N 41º16W Beccas Tavern of R&H 2002-01-02 Clarisa
 Europa  Felucca  37º15S 165º48E  Dayton’s  1999-07-11  Lookiemon
Europa Trammel 77º42N 137º40E Leviathans Lullaby 2001-07-01 Lazarus
Europa Felucca 32º42N 114º55W Swagger’s Den 2000-09-24 Benjamin
Europa Trammel 96º15N 169º49W Winters Retreat 2000-07-18 Shadefox
 Europa  Trammel  73º23S 29L19W  Foxglove Castle  2000-07-18  Molly Foxglove
 Europa  Trammel  52º55N 100º45E  Ninja’s Castel  2000-12-08  NinjaWarrior
 Europa  Felucca  76º13’N 2º10’W  Deepwater Public Library  1999-04-19  Valentine
Europa Malas 35°20’N 17°34’W  Witches Retreat  2003-03-07  Brynhild

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