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Salty Pete’s Tavern

Screen Shot of Overhead Map of Establishment's Location. Last Visited by Mina – Nov 20, 2001 

Coordinates: 98o 42’N – 50o 37’E – TrammelAs I approached the tavern, I saw about three giant dragons and a handful of people looking ready for an adventure. I meandered through the crowd and inside to find a very quaint and well decorated tavern, the smell of salty sea in the air, and a nice view from the north-facing windows out onto the ocean. The food was excellent, and my comrade heartily approved of the ale.

For those of you who visit the Village of the Light run by KtL (and the KtL mall in particular) just walk west along the coast line. Other would-be visitors should walk north from the Shrine of Compassion to the coastline. You can also follow the road north from Britain through the swamps, or travel west from Minoc, or east from Yew.

The tavern is most often used as a starting place for large group hunts. In the past the Wednesday Night Hunts and the SIC (Sunday’s Impossible Campaign) have started their headlong runs into death at Salty’s.

Their Web Site: Salty Pete’s Website

Screen Shot of the Establishment.

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