CSD- Abyss


Lord Blackthorn’s Vault Mini-Champ
By Rohizzle and Lord Gareth

Lord Blackthorn’s Vault
The entrance to the vault would be placed somewhere within Blackthrons castle. This would give players a reason to visit the area and increase activity in the city of Britain.

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Mini-Champ Spawn Levels
Each wave would have a variety of monster types, this way one player cannot solo the entire thing with a Super Slayer. Players would have to work together to progress the spawn which would be equal to Void Pool wave Level 20 monsters.(Click Image to enlarge)

Mini Spawn Rewards

Blackthorn’s Steed (Acts like a Paroxysmus Swamp Dragon)
Get those large swampdragons off the screen

Vault Chests (Cleanup Turn in Points 1,000 750 and 500)
Everyone loves cleanup points to get the new Dyes

Castle/Keep Wall and Door Deeds (Places a Castle wall or door)
Since we cannot customize Keeps or Castle we can give players a way to make small rooms within the existing design.

Last modified: November 13, 2012

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