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Fort of the Shadow Clan on Catskills

Last visited by Zerver – Dec 7 98

I had very little time to visit the fort. They were arranging for what appeared to be an attack. I was allowed in only because my guide (So sorry I forgot thy name) paid a large sum in bribe moneys. And even then I only got one picture before the tension and hostilities with the “Humies” caused my expulsion.
For supposedly slow witted beasts, the Orcs were very quick with their mouths and their organization. Methinks they are not as dumb as some have lead me to belive :)
If you are a visiting Orc, you will want to come through the Yew moon gate, and proceed South almost all the way to the mountains. There is a standing Orc Fort there on every shard, but thissss one hasss been sssponsssored. (Sorry, in Necropolisss too long today).
Well I decided that I needed to find the Shadow Clan home page (since none of them sent it to me!!). So I walked timidly up to the from of the fort. I was immediatly surrounded by 5 or 6 Orcs who pocked, prodded, sniffed, and licked. Hmmmmmmmm.
Anyway, after about 20 minutes of haggling, I finally managed to get one to tell me that they did have a sky page, but no one knew it. Instead thy pointed me to http://www.uotc.com for their chat page. From there I found a message containing their home page. Boy, these guys will NOT break character for ANYTHING.

Well Done guys!!

Link to the Shadow Clan War Drums: http://www.shadowclan.org

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