The Avalon Glade

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Last visited by Ludes in May 2014

Facet: Felucca
Location: East of Vesper
Coordinates: 87o32’N 129o5’E
Guildmaster: Jay
Website: MoA Website



Lord F’nor describes the small town of Avalon Glade:

Avalon’s Supplies

Avalon’s Supplies was founded in November of 1999, by Lazerus and F’Nor of MoA. Located at 88.3’N 128.52’E just across the bay from Vesper.

Avalon’s supplies serves as a central meeting place for those of MoA and her allies. It has many stocked vendors who’s wares are updated almost daily. It is the second most important building in Avalon Glades only to the Shrine to Avalon.

Weary travelers may stop to receive information, repairs, and supplies of all sorts. Items and supplies are often handed out to those who’ve fallen on hard times for naught. Those who live here will stop and see to the needs of any traveler who would stop and ask. Several Grandmasters of all crafts are available throughout the day to receive and fill large orders at very reasonable prices.

Avalon Glades

Beginning with the Guildhouse. What memories we have shared in the old forge. The transition from Skara Brae to Fire Island to the Glade wasn’t an easy one. All those boxes being moved and organized and moved again. Fianlly coming to rest outside of Vesper. The vendors moving in and setting up shop. Miss L’sa telling us what would go where and then when we didn’t have it quite right putting it there herself. F’Nor keeping it all together and Ms. ‘Q keeping it all organized.

The Shrine; Lazerus’ dream. Fulfilled but ever changing. The large marble building, reminding us each and every day of the Isle that lays shrouded in the Mists of time and magic.The book reminding us that we have devoted ourselves to the defense of all that is good and Honorable in these dark days. Everyone worked so hard getting the rune library ready for the public.

The private residence of Mona who has seen her own dark days. Remains true to the Cause, lending her help when and where she can.

Above the guildhouse, we have the private residence of Esme and her orphan friends. Their small marble workshop makes a beautiful addition to the glade.

F’Nor, Guildmaster of the Mists of Avalon, also has a private residence in the glade. A stately log cabin located directly behind the guildhouse. On the balcony, roses, of those that the Mists held dear, stand in silent recognition of those that have departed these realms.

The next building in Avalon Glades is the public libary. It is here the all folks can review various historys of the realms. From our own personal ones, to those experienced by all who visit.

The last building in this line is the infirmary. Please remember to keep your voices down as there are almost always patients sleeping their way to recovery.

To the north you can find the private residence of Lazerus.


Update…  May 2014

I visited this location in early May of 2014…   It is no longer there.

The website listed also no longer works.

Ludes,  Catskills Reporter



Last modified: May 26, 2014

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